Motörhead Collaborates With Ale Asylum On US Release Of Famed Beer

, Motörhead Collaborates With Ale Asylum On US Release Of Famed Beer

In 2015 the English punk/heavy metal rock band, Motörhead teamed up with UK craft brewery Camerons and created a beer that became an international success. And now that beer is finally making its way to the US.

Here’s the deal…

In the world of “band beers” Röad Crew IPA has been phenomenon. Most band-branded beers, stick around as long as a group’s latest tour. But Motörhead’s American India Pale Ale which was named after the band’s anthem (We Are) The Road Crew,” from its classic “Ace of Spades,” album, has a history as rich as the hard rock unit.

When it debuted overseas more than five years ago it sold out at 1200 locations almost immediately and it has gone on to on to be exported to 22 countries, but never in the US until now.

, Motörhead Collaborates With Ale Asylum On US Release Of Famed BeerMotörhead, which was formed by bassist, singer, and songwriter Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister in 1975, didn’t want to release the beer in the states until they found the right people to brew it and sell it…but now they have.

And the band members Mikkey Dee & Phil Campbell were actively involved in the development and flavor profile for the beer’s American debut, along with Ale Asylum who have brewing beer to the band’s music for years.

“I am delighted that the US now gets to have Röad Crew in their homes regularly, and that our American-based fans can savor this world-class rock-n-roll beer,” says Phil Campbell, guitarist for Motörhead.

“We haven’t rushed our entry into the US market because the partner had to be right, and in Brew Pipeline and Ale Asylum of Wisconsin, we’ve found a great U.S. home for our APA,” added Todd Singerman, manager of Motörhead. “Lem’s insistence that standards be maintained continue to drive everything we do, and this US Road Crew APA proves that point even further.”

Available year-round across the US this fall, Röad Crew will be distributed by Brew Pipeline, a turnkey distribution platform for craft brewers. Its American debut celebrates the 40th anniversary of the band’s Ace of Spades album and a portion of proceeds from the beer will be donated to Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund, providing financial support to touring crews affected at this time.

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