Miller High Life Looks To Make Milwaukee An Official Beer Region

, Miller High Life Looks To Make Milwaukee An Official Beer Region

(Courtesy Miller High Life)

Molson Coors owned Miller High Life is taking its lead, from the Champagne region of France, which has been “officially” designated as the only place where true champagne is made.

And now Miller High Life, which has been marketing itself as the “Champagne of Beers” for decades, is petitioning Milwaukee to have its brewery grounds designated as an “official” beer region.

“To protect its name and the quality it stands for, Champagne has a region in France,” says Anne Pando, senior marketing manager for the Miller family of brands.  “We feel it should be no different for Miller High Life.

This from Miller High Life…

“If champagne can only come from Champagne,
France, why is The Champagne of Beers any different?”

“We’re petitioning the Milwaukee Common Council
to establish an official Champagne of Beers region,
and declare that only beers invented within its
strict borders – around the Miller Brewery – will be
considered The Champagne of Beers.”

To move this designation process along, the beer brand is asking fans to sign a petition (starting May 6 and running through June) to rename the brewery “officially.”

And since no “official” beer region is complete without an ambassador, Miller High Life is also in the hunt for an ambassador to represent its “official” beer region.

And Miller High Life details things in this amusing video…

Once that position is filled Miller High Life’s new ambassador will receive $20,000, a year’s supply of beer (Yes!), and an all-expenses paid trip to Milwaukee to visit the new Champagne of Beers region.

Applicants will have to get uber-creative and write a short essay (50 words or less) to be considered, but c’mon who doesn’t want a beer ambassadorship?

“Frederick Miller wanted to make a quality beer that was accessible to all, and we want to celebrate that,” Pando added. “And there’s nothing like a Miller High Life, freshly brewed in the Champagne of Beers Region.”


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