London Calling – Fourpure Brewing Comes To The US

Fourpure, London Calling – Fourpure Brewing Comes To The US

Photo Credit: Fourpure Brewing

London’s Fourpure Brewing Company has fast become one of the UK’s hottest craft breweries.

Based in the South London neighborhood of Bermondsey, Fourpure was recently named the ‘Brewery Business of the Year’ at the Society of Independent Brewers’ (SIBA) annual Beer X awards. And they also topped a list of more than 400 entrants to take the ‘Business Innovation’ prize, another huge win!

A relative newcomer to the UK’s increasingly competitive craft beer scene, Fourpure was founded in 2013 by brothers Dan and Tom Lowe and their innovative beers built on beer’s four main ingredients (grain, hops, yeast and water) quickly earned them an almost rabid following.

But with success comes momentum… And Fourpure is bringing their brand to the states.

Just last week Fourpure announced that they’d entered into an agreement with New York-based Crafted Exports, to launch its beers on the East Coast of the US.

Ambitious…right? But they’re not even close to done.

Fourpure, London Calling – Fourpure Brewing Comes To The USWith US distribution clearly part of their 2018 plans, Fourpure is now making a  £2.5 million investment in to its brewery on the ‘Bermondsey Beer Mile’ home to several London craft breweries like The Kernel.

The Drinks Business reports that the implementation of new state-of-the-art  equipment will allow Fourpure to eventually increase their output to 14 million pints a year!

You know that times are changing when a UK brewer chooses to enter the already crowded US craft beer market.

And for Fourpure, who are already export to Europe, Asia and Australia…that time has arrived.

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