Infamous Beer History – Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, 95 Years Ago Today

Hofbräuhaus Beer Hall, home to Hitler’s first political speech

Although Hitler’s coup attempt was a failure it served to heighten his presence in Germany, And since it can be, albeit marginally, associated with beer we are on it!

Here’s what went down…

On November 8, 1923, Adolf Hitler and his budding Nazi Party attempted to seize power in Bavaria in a bid to overthrow the Weimar Republic with the heart of action revolving around Munich’s largest beer hall.

Entering Munich’s most popular beer hall, Hitler jumped on a chair and fired red a shot in the air. Declaring that the national revolution has broken out and that the Bavarian government had been deposed.

However Hitler’s Bavarian adventure ran into problems almost immediately. Munich police and army units responded quickly to reports of trouble and moved to intercept the future Führer as well other Nazi upstarts in another nearby beer hall.

Hitler, who was wounded during the clash, escaped immediate arrest and made off to temporary safety in the countryside. After two days, he was arrested and after a 24-day trial Hitler was found guilty of treason and sentenced to five years in Landsberg Prison.

Hitler, only ended up serving nine months in prison, but that gave him time to write his autobiography Mein Kampf and we all know what that led to.

According to some historians, Hitler was a connoisseur of beer. And his favorite beer was Hofbräuhaus that was brewed by a Bavarian owned state brewery in Munich that was also the location of his first political speech in 1919.

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