Huge Molson Coors Beer Displays Soar At US Grocery Stores

, Huge Molson Coors Beer Displays Soar At US Grocery Stores

(Courtesy Molson Coors)

If you’ve ever worked retail, you understand the value of an eye-catching display that can showcase a product (in this case Molson Coors’ family of beers) and keep them top of mind.

They’re not an accident, valuable retail space usually comes with special pricing that is advantageous to the retail account and are part of well-thought out campaigns designed by beer majors.

What we didn’t know was that data companies rank the growth of grocery store displays, and right now Molson Coors beer brands are all showing accelerating traction.

Over the last month Molson beer brands’ display visibility at grocery stores are up bigtime. Miller Lite is up 4.2%, Coors Banquet is up 5.5% and Coors Light up 9.0%, according to Circana data.

“This makes us the top gainer for beer displays over the past month,” Russell Fowler, Molson Coors senior manager of customer solutions told Beer & Beyond. “Plus, what we’re seeing is that display activity for those core brands is actually accelerating. This gives us momentum going into the peak summer season.”

, Huge Molson Coors Beer Displays Soar At US Grocery Stores

(Coors Light Beer Train circa 2005)

And this increase is all part of orchestrated campaigns, Coors Light’s Chill Train campaign, its “Don’t Let Your Bracket Break You” college basketball program, and the return of Coors Banquet’s successful “Start Your Legacy” campaign.

“The right displays play an important role in driving category growth, ”Fowler added. “They create awareness for the category and that can drive real-time purchasing decisions.”

And it’s no secret that the Bud Light Dylan Mulvaney trans fiasco created  an opening at retail, that Molson Coors has taken full advantage of.

The initial Dylan Mulvaney announcement took place on April 1 of 2022 and in spite of Anheuser-Busch’s considerable efforts to put the matter to bed the brand has been experiencing serious sales declines ever since then.

, Huge Molson Coors Beer Displays Soar At US Grocery Stores

(Courtesy Coors Light)

And as Bud light’s sales continue to struggle, Molson Coors, the nation’s #2 brewery, is enjoying greater shelf placement at retail.

As president of US sales Brian Feiro told Beer & Beyond, that retail growth is happening “not only in large-format stores, but in small-format retail, as well, where Molson Coors traditionally is underrepresented.”

On February 21, Molson Coors CEO Gavin Hattersley told attendees of the Consumer Analyst Group of New York conference, that “Molson Coors expects its three core brands – Coors Light, Miller Lite and Coors Banquet – to grow retail space by more than 10% in the largest US grocery and convenience retailers this spring.”


(All image credits: Molson Coors)

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