Hangar 24 And Epic Brewing Recall Beer

These kinds of things thankfully don’t happen too often…So it’s rare to have not one, but two, off-flavor announcements the same day…

Here’s the deal…

On Friday Epic Brewing announced that they were recalling Big Bad Baptista #8 from an eight state region (Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Carolina, Idaho, California and Texas) after numerous reports of buttery off-flavors, led them to retest the a specific batch that for whatever reason had not been lab tested…

This from Epic

“Our protocol for every beer we release is to run both sensory and microbiological analysis on each batch before it’s packaged, screening for off-flavors and possible beer spoilers. Regrettably, in the case of Big Bad Baptista – Release #8 DEN #4799, our records indicate that our standard testing protocols simply didn’t happen, which was a failure of the system we have in place to prevent these types of issues.”

After testing Epic did find unwanted bacteria in both bottles and kegs of Big Bad Baptista – Release #8 DEN #4799, stressing that the bacteria which caused the off-flavor, though unfortunate wasn’t harmful.

Epic will of course be replacing or refunding the beer at a retail level. For customers who purchased Big Bad Baptista #8 Epic has implemented a claim process. Just email [email protected] with your name, shipping address, where and when the beer was purchased with a photo of the stamped information on the side of the label;

Hangar 24’s Friday announcement involved “a few recent batches of core beers like Betty IPA and Orange Wheat.”

Via an email blast Hangar 24’s owner explained…

“This is Ben Cook, founder and president of Hangar 24 Craft Brewing. It has come to our attention through our quality-control process, and customer feedback, that a few recent batches of core beers like Betty IPA and Orange Wheat were not up to our standards, or yours. It is important to note the beers do not pose a health risk, they just exhibit sour notes intended for our other styles.

This affected a limited percentage of our production, and while we moved as quickly as possible to keep it off store shelves, we have become aware that some slipped our grasp. If any of it reached you, let me start by extending a personal apology. We will make it right.

Email [email protected]  for instructions on how and where to have it replaced, providing your name, phone number, retail location where the beer was purchased and the city where you reside.

Know that we have evaluated and addressed our production practices to make sure this never happens again. Our commitment to quality includes an open communication with our customers when we fall short. We are part of one of the most loyal communities in craft beer and we will never take that for granted”

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