Guinness And Football Icon Joe Montana Toast Greatness In New Video Campaign

, Guinness And Football Icon Joe Montana Toast Greatness In New Video Campaign

(Courtesy Diageo Beer Co.)

For the first time in over a decade, Guinness will be airing a new ad starring Joe Montana, one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Released to coincide with all the Super Bowl buzz and entitled “What does it mean to be a goat,” (goat short for ‘greatest of all time’) the new Guinness spot features Montana on the football field as well as at Guinness’ Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore.

So yes it celebrates greatness, both Joe Montana’s career and Diageo’s Irish Dry Stout, but it also explore “greatness” in all forms, a resonant message in these difficult times.

“Being great is about more than the glory or the numbers,” Montana said. “It’s really about being resilient and coming back – even from the hardest year ever. It’s about celebrating each other and making everyone around you better. But most of all, real greatness is about keeping the faith that the best is always yet to come – that no matter what, we’ve got this.”

“This is a moment to look for optimism, as the Irish have always done,” said Jay Sethi, Diageo Beer Co. CMO…

“We think we’ve found something uplifting to say at the right time, and in a way that captures that Guinness magic and good will. Especially right now, we want to remind people that if we look out for one another and keep moving forward, we’ll all come back better than ever. Having the ‘Comeback Kid,’ our friend Joe Montana, deliver the message felt absolutely perfect.”

Although later than most big beer companies to the football sponsorship game, the iconic Irish brewer announced a long-term partnership with Notre Dame as an official beer of Fighting Irish Alumni and Fans last August.

Guinness’ new spot is but the first of a hope-fueled series of TV ads featuring the legendary Joe Montana, who if not the greatest quarterback of all time, is certainly one of them…just sayin’.

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