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American Craft Beer covers the craft beer movement, its news, and its lifestyle. We view the craft beer scene as an entertainment industry that is now very much a part of today’s pop-cultural landscape. And it’s probably because of our unique approach to the industry that we’re constantly receiving offers from different media groups, asking us to share with our readers everything from new restaurants, cuisine, hangover cures, and beer-related products to new music, movies, and books….which leads us to Good Books – a regular series dedicated not only to new and noteworthy books on craft beer, but also to anything else that we’re currently reading, enjoying, and recommending.

We’ve been receiving so many books on craft beer of late that we are forced to play catch-up. Every book that we receive is a labor of love for someone and reflects years of work by the author (and his or her support staff and publishing team). We respect that and hope to get as many Good Books in front of you as we can.

So on to some new books that we liked and think you might be interested in…

, Good BooksWe Make Beer: Inside the Spirit and Artistry of America’s Craft Brewers is written by Sean Lewis, a sports and beer writer based in Santa Barbara, California. This is his first book and it tells an almost spiritual story of his journey into the heart of the American craft brewing community, where he hung out with craft beer icons like Sierra Nevada’s Ken Grossman and shared beer with larger than life characters like Stone’s Greg Koch. But We Make Beer is more than just a personal travelogue; it’s also an infectious celebration of the American craft brewing scene – and of the many people who’ve helped to make it the vital and innovative industry it is today.

, Good BooksBrew Britannia: The Strange Rebirth of British Beer is yet another affirmation of craft beer’s emergence on the world stage but more importantly, it’s about the renaissance of British beer. Authors Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey are the writers behind the popular Boak & Bailey’s Beer Blog and they’ve done an admirable job chronicling British Beer’s decline and “strange rebirth” – from the rise of CAMRA and the organization’s fight to save real ale in the 1970s right up to the craft beer movement of today. Filled with Trotskyites and crazed bankers, hippies and pub denizens, Brew Britannia tells a colorful history of British beer and the pint’s return from the brink.

, Good BooksBrewing Arizona: A Century of Beer in the Grand Canyon Stateby Ed Sipos was a total surprise for us. We were of course familiar with the beauty that is Arizona, with its cities and awesome desert canyons, but knew very little of its history – let alone its storied brewing history. Extensively researched and rich with photos from an era long gone, Sipos’s new book serves up Arizona’s beer history with gusto. This book is an absolute must for any beer lover based in the Grand Canyon State and its environs.

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