Get A Job As A Beer Hangover Tester

, Get A Job As A Beer Hangover Tester

(This could be you!)

If ever there was a job that screamed SLACKER, this is it. We’ve already applied.

Here’s the deal…

EduBirdie, an online writing platform which among other things connects college students with writers wiling to write papers for them to submit, is looking for hangover testers to gauge the impact of a night of serious beer drinking on productivity the next morning.

, Get A Job As A Beer Hangover TesterIn an effort to determine which major beer brands will leave you the most and least damaged after a night of beer, EduBirdie is looking for 28-40 hangover testers willing to give it their all.

And EduBirdie, who adhere to the belief that “no one should ever drink alone,” will allow each hangover tester they select to invite up to three of their friends for a night of beer, snacks and water for proper hydration.

“Each participant will test between two and four brands of beer over the course of three weeks (depending on their personal preferences) according to lifehacker.

For each outing, the hangover tester will recieve a one-time payment of $300, and that’s real beer money!

To measure the impact of brand-specific beer drinking the selected participants will have to pass two tests the company developed: one day before the gathering and THE MORNING AFTER.

After each beer session, the hangover tester will be asked to evaluate the beer brand according to the following physical and emotional criteria:

  • General Hangover Severity
  • Dizziness Level
  • Head-cracking Intensity
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Dry Mouth
  • Extra Light Sensitivity
  • Beer Satisfaction Rate (If you have an unbearable hangover but still love it, maybe it was worth it)

And here’s who EduBirdie is looking for…

  • Currently enrolled students or people with college mentality.
  • Real party-goers.
  • Those who know how it is to be hungover during your exam.
  • Just people who like to enjoy their drink on a Friday night.
  • Basically anyone who is willing to contribute to responsible drinking culture.

To apply just fill this form and email it to [email protected] with Hangover Tester in the subject line and include letter explaining who you are and why you’re the best fit for what could be both an enjoyable and potentially painful gig.


And while we’re on the subject of hangovers…we’ve more!



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