German Brewery Plans Huge Facility in Charlotte, NC

The Germans are coming! The Germans are coming! And they’re planning to build North Carolina’s biggest brewery to date.

Here’s what we know…

, German Brewery Plans Huge Facility in Charlotte, NCGilde, one of Germany’s oldest brewers is coming to the states and will eventually be building a brewery with the capacity to brew up to 500,000 barrels per year according to the Charlotte Observer.

And the more 500 year-old brewer will be establishing its beachhead in a series of steps reports the publication starting with setting up distribution (Adams Beverages, the largest network of its kind in the region) who will be handling the imports that are expected to arrive in the Port of Charleston by mid-July.

Next step in Gide’s strategy to establish its heritage Pilsners and Hefeweizens in the states is to open actual brick and mortar small-batch brewing facility in Charlotte.

As Gilde CEO Kirsten Ullmann (who has been living in North Carolina for about a year as he and his team quietly put their plans together) revealed to paper on Wednesday the microbrewery called “the Embassy will be around a 5000 sq. ft. operation that will offer fresh versions of its traditional recipes.

Then two to three years down the line Gilde will enter into a third phase open its massive flagship brewery in Charlotte which according to the Observer will be “almost 25 times the capacity of Olde Mecklenburg, Charlotte’s biggest brewery.”

All image credits: Gilde

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