Free Beer When You Fly To Munich For Oktoberfest

beer, Free Beer When You Fly To Munich For OktoberfestThe “Mother of all Oktoberfest Celebrations” kicks off in Munich this weekend and Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines is getting in on the festivities!

Here’s the deal…

Lufthansa, Europe’s largest airline, will be continuing a tradition they introduced more than 50 years ago and bringing beer kegs on board to serve fresh Oktoberfest beer on special flights to and from Munich, home to the world’s oldest Oktoberfest celebration.

beer, Free Beer When You Fly To Munich For OktoberfestThe on-flight kegs come with specially designed valves (German technology) that actively regulate and adjust carbon dioxide pressure levels in a way that keeps the draft beer at 10,000 feet.

Lufthansa has been celebrating Oktoberfest season with freshly tapped beer since the 1960s, but the airlines has announced that there are some new things it’s doing to bring even more of the party to passengers this year.

Lufthansa’s cabin crews will be wearing traditional Bavarian costume on selected flights from Munich instead of their uniforms.

Female flight attendants will be wearing the traditional Oktoberfest Dirndl, dark blue with a silver-gray apron. And their male colleagues will be wearing short Lederhosen an attire which pairs exceptionally well beer.

The festive attire of Lufthansa’s long-haul crew was designed and custom-tailored by the Munich heritage costume specialist Angermaier.

And for the first time EVER, business class fliers will enjoy an all-Oktoberfest menu…dishes like ox with truffle, and Arctic char with Riesling sauce, Bavarian cream, and pistachio pesto. Yessss!

beer, Free Beer When You Fly To Munich For OktoberfestBut Lufthansa’s Oktoberfest celebrations don’t end upon landing…

All travelers landing in Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 will receive a special Oktoberfest treat box on arrival, which includes the “necessary” pretzels, the “less necessary” gummies in the shape of a beer mug, and an “ESSENTIAL” vitamin drink to keep passengers rehydrated after all that in-flight beer drinking.

Munich’s Lufthansa lounges will also be rocking this Oktoberfest season.

Lufthansa 12 lounges will be serving up more than 4,000 kg of “Leberkäse,” a Bavarian meatloaf specialty made up of made from finely ground corned beef, pork, bacon and onions, platters of Germany’s famous white sausages and more than 38,000 pretzels.

And, of course, all the lounges will be serving mugs Oktoberfest draft beer!

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