Flying Dog Brewery’s ‘Stay the F*ck Home’ Emergency Pack

, Flying Dog Brewery’s ‘Stay the F*ck Home’ Emergency Pack

Leave it to Flying Dog to name its new emergency pack this way, but variety 12-packs are enjoying a resurgence and we do echo its sentiments as long as COVID-19 sticks around…

Here’s the deal….

With much of the nation frozen between crawling out of their houses for the first time in months and reports of spiking COVID-19 infection numbers, mixed variety packs are hot. Shopping trips have become more like hit-and-run raids as people opt for safety at home.

Still a case of something dependable is just that…a case of something dependable. And even a 24-count case of your favorite beer can get boring after you’ve been shut in for months.

, Flying Dog Brewery’s ‘Stay the F*ck Home’ Emergency PackWith that in mind, and much of the country ready to crawl up the walls,  Flying Dog Brewery has announced the imminent release of a special variety pack inspired by the situation we all find ourselves in, amusungly named STFH.

The Flying Dog STFH Variety Pack, an initialism for Stay the F*ck Home, unapologetically triples-down on octane with three of the brewery’s strongest beers , Gonzo Imperial Porter, Double Dog Double IPA and The Truth Imperial IPA.

“Over the last few months, we saw that interest in variety packs spiked; people were reaching for beer that would keep their fridges full and their options open,” said James Maravetz, VP of Marketing for Flying Dog Brewery….

Three years in the making and first introduced in 2013, The Truth Imperial IPA is an 8.7% ABV West Coast-Style India Pale Ale that is brewed using a complex and aromatic blend of Warrior, Summit, CTZ, Citra, and Amarillo hops.

Brewed in honor of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, founder of the Gonzo journalism movement and the artist responsible for most of the brewery’s famous labels, Gonzo Imperial Porter  is a bold 10% ABV monster with complex layers of roasted chocolate, coffee, brown sugar, and vanilla malt flavors and a one-of-a-kind hop bite that hits you like a homemade firecracker.

Seductively full-bodied and one hundred percent dangerous, Double Dog Double IPA is  12% ABV India Pale Ale with a deep red color, Columbus, Warrior and Cascade hops, and a subdued malty sweetness. World famous gonzo artist Ralph Steadman nailed its essence when he declared that Double Dog is, “For that night. That other goddamn night.”

“We created this limited release variety pack of heavy hitters for all beer lovers to enjoy, Maravetz noted, “but especially for the folks who are still spending extra time at home….or in their concrete-reinforced underground bunker.”

Flying Dog’s STFH Variety Pack will be available in stores by late June.

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