Electrolyte Craft Beer Is Here

One of the things that we love most about the craft beer biz is its innovative spirit. And companies like ZēLUS Beer, a cutting-edge brewing operation that is bringing the electrolyte concept to serious beer.

Geoffrey Pedder is a citizen athlete who runs bikes or swims almost daily. He’s got a background in product development and brand building and has participated is his share of marathons and half Iron Man competitions.

He’s also a committed beer lover which is why he founded ZēLUS Beer, a company that aims to combine the world of craft beer with those who aggressively embrace an active lifestyle.

And his company is now brewing beers using a much higher proportion of potassium, sodium, and calcium (that right electrolytes!), than normal brews.

With an eye to eventually expand their reach, ZēLUS Beer is according to the Boston Globe now contract brewing beers in Massachusetts that rehydrate in a similar fashion to products like Gatorade…

The ZēLUS lineup is currently made up of four artisan options brewed to be tasteful, refreshing and reinvigorating.

Light Into Dark is a 4.7% ABV Porter…a Crystal, Munich and Chocolate malt fueled winter ale that’s perfect for cold weather marathons.

Long Run Apricot Pale Ale is exactly that, a 4.7% ABV unfiltered Pale Ale that’s brewed using real apricots that were added during fermentation to maximize their flavor.

ZēLUS Race Pace is described as a New England Mild Ale. The most sessionable of all their beers Race Pace is a 3.7% hybrid that’s been abundantly dry-hopped.

Competitor IPA is their 4.7% ABV India Pale Ale which takes its lead from the more English-style IPA tradition and boasts a citrusy complexity and a fruity aroma.

All ZēLUS beers are authentically brewed and full-flavored, and all of them are crafted using the  ZēLUS patent pending brewing process to produce a hydration-friendly beer that’s perfect for the active lifestylist, or people like us, who just enjoy exploring new brewing directions.

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