Drinking Honey Water At Savor

Last week while navigating SAVOR 2018 we happened upon a surprising outpost in a sea of astounding beer…A relatively new company, Blume Honey Water wowed us, and given a world becoming increasingly health conscious, its timing couldn’t be better.

And it’s not like we’re soda people, nor is Blume Honey Water a soda.

Refreshing is an easy catch word in the drinks biz. But Blume’s products drink like WATER, the most delicately flavored, lightly honeyed and refreshing water that we’d ever come across…

And it’s true that the fact that Blume Honey Water was non-alcoholic to begin with was a big part of its appeal to us, at least initially.

We’d already spent Thursday night pre-drinking dangerously with brewing friends who were in town for SAVOR weekend, a huge mistake!

And we were trying to minimize our SAVOR beer intake as best we could when we ran into Michele Meloy Burchfield, a drinks industry professional with 25+ years in the biz and the co-founder of Blume Honey Water.

Blume’s Michele Meloy Burchfield

She thoughtfully enticed us to sample our first non-alcoholic drink at SAVOR ever…something we ended up returning to several times throughout the evening.

But we weren’t the only ones hanging around the Blume Honey Water table that night. Boston Beer’s Jim Koch was also apparently well-aware of the Pittsburgh-based brand, and if time spent hanging with Michelle is any indication, he was already a big fan.

Blume Honey Water currently comes in three variations…Vanilla Citrus is crafted with vanilla, wild orange, grapefruit, lemon and honey. Wild Blueberry is blueberry infused water with black peppercorn, coriander and natural honey. And our favorite, Ginger Zest is a combination of Blume’s bee-friendly honey blend and fresh-pressed organic ginger juice.

Being marketed as an infusion of honey, hydration and natural energy, Blume Honey water is both an alternative, as well as an antidote to a night of serious beer drinking…and it was just the touch of temperance we so badly needed to navigate this year’s always spectacular SAVOR.

All image credits: Blume Honey Water

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