Does Drinking Beer Cause Man Boobs?

, Does Drinking Beer Cause Man Boobs?There are buzzkills and there are BUZZ KILLS…And news that drinking beer might lead to a dreaded condition known as ‘man boobs’ is sobering to say the least.

So what are man boobs you might ask…and do we even have to explain? It’s those concerning flabby deposits of fat where there should be a chest.

It’s actually got a medical name…gynecomastia. And chances are you know someone who suffers from this condition since it affects half of all men, according to research published in the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine.

Even more concerning is the growing understanding that those beers you’ve been power-pounding might be partially to blame for this condition.

And not just beers…we’re talking hoppy beers…so IPA fans you’ve been warned.

You see, hops contain a high amount of phytoestrogen. It’s a plant-derived chemical that is similar to the female sex hormone, estrogen. And past studies have shown that hops can have an estrogenic effect on a man’s body

Move over beer belly this is something to REALLY worry about…drinking beer can boost the levels of female sex hormones in the male’s body, which may also help explain the growth of hard seltzers…We suggest that scientists look into that as well.

Hops in plant form have long been used as an herbal remedy for all kinds of conditions. A natural diuretic, hops can cause you to pee, which is why you made 25 bathroom visits after that beer crawl last night.

Plus the fact that hops boost female sex hormones in a body, might shed light why certain hop varieties have been proven effective in dealing with the discomfort that some women experience when they are going through menopause.

But it also may unfortunately explain ‘man boobs.’ Especially man boobs in bars!

And while the New York Post considers “man boobs” a small price to pay for a couple of drinks,” WE COULDN’T DISAGEE MORE!

Man boobs are a beer buzzkill of epic proportions, one that has us reconsidering that Imperial IPA, bigtime!


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