DIY Dog 2018 – BrewDog Gives Away Its Beer Recipes Again

We love BrewDog’s renegade attitude. So much of what they do is just so subversively brilliant that we can’t help but get onboard.

Like making their most recent brewing recipes available to the world’s homebrewing community.

DIY Dog first started back in 2016 when BrewDog announced that they’d be making their back catalog of 215 beers available to their homebrewing fans in a downloadable book which was the talk of the biz and a huge ‘get’ for the world’s homebrewing community.

A decade in the making, DIY Dog originated from the brewery’s admirable directive to pass on what they’d learned from their years of adventurous brewing to their fans and peers.

DIY Dog 2018, which was announced today, contains 325 detailed homebrew-friendly recipes (63 0f them brand new) and all of them ready to roll.

This newly-updated ‘brewbook’ is an anthology of BrewDog’s brewing history from their original Punk IPA right up to Zipcode – a pilsner they haven’t released yet, but plan to soon as part of their Fanzine subscription beer club.

With its detailed introduction and guide on how to nail your homebrew every time, DIY Dog is both the perfect introduction to the art of homebrewing and a complete (at least for now) BrewDog brewing compendium all in one.

And each BrewDog recipe comes with a tip from their brewers to help you ace it! You’ll be able to brew an exact copy your BrewDog favorite, in your kitchen, in your garage, or wherever.

DIY Dog 2018 is just another part of BrewDog’s ethos…They think companies who cling to their secrets have it all backwards.

BrewDog believes that giving their fans “the brewing keys to their kingdom” only strengthens the bond between them (and they’re 100% right about that).

And if their fans want to celebrate by brewing BrewDog at home…what’s the downside of that?

You can download DIY Dog 2018 here.

All image credits: BrewDog

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