Disorderly Emus Banned From Australian Pub

, Disorderly Emus Banned From Australian Pub


What, emus were allowed in the pubs before they started causing trouble? You gotta love Australia.

Here’s the deal…

Two emus, named Carol and Kevin, (emus get names in Australia?), have been barred from their local pub in western Queensland after stealing food from some of its clients.

The rowdy emus (the second largest birds in the world by height) also started defecating on the floor…So there’s that.

Chris Gimblett, who co-owns The Yaraka Hotel along with his wife Gerry, said the bird’s “bad behavior” had become a problem. (Yah think?).

, Disorderly Emus Banned From Australian Pub

Yaraka Hotel  / Facebook

To stem the birds’ raucous conduct the Gimbletts have now placed rope barriers across the entrance to the pub, with a sign reading: “Emus have been banned from this establishment for bad behavior. Please let yourself in through the emu barrier and then reconnect please.”

Gimblett told ABC that the avian intruders had recently learned to climb the front steps.

“We didn’t really want them becoming patrons,” he said. “Their toileting [inside] is not particularly pleasant.

“They still hang around each gate, hoping that they’ll be able to slip in when someone opens it up. But so far we are winning the war.”

Gerry Gimblett told Guardian Australia that the emus had begun stealing food from the pub’s guests.

“They’d stick their heads in and pinch toast out of the toaster,” she said. “But the main reason we’ve banned them is their droppings. They’re enormous, very large and very smelly, and they created great stains.”

Emus can reach almost two meters in height according and can travel at speeds of up to 31mph. which is getting into Road Runner cartoon territory.

Carol and Kevin were reportedly two of nine emus that once lived in town (emus have their own places in Australia?), after hatching in 2018.

“The emus are not the only feathered fowl to commit a misdemeanor, according to the Drinks Business.

In 2017 a crazed peacock destroyed $500 worth of wine and spirits at a liquor store in Los Angeles.

It took the ‘peacock police’ 90 minutes to catch the brazen bird that ended up laying waste to large quantities of pricy alcohol, including Champagne.

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