Design Experts Pick The Best Brewery Logos Of 2019

logo, Design Experts Pick The Best Brewery Logos Of 2019

Image credit: DesignRush

A brewery’s logo is its calling card. And in today’s uber-competitive craft beer landscape it can be as important as what is in the bottle…

And DesignRush (who represent some of the best creative agencies in the world) have picked favorites…

And here are some of their picks that we agree with…

logo, Design Experts Pick The Best Brewery Logos Of 2019

Flying Dog Brewing

According to the DesignRush Frederick, Maryland-based Flying Dog’s logo is edgy, creative and fun. And given that it was crafted by gonzo artist Ralph Steadman of “Fear and Loathing” fame it’s not surprising it was the [email protected] firm’s #1 pick…

“This beer logo gives the brand, and the beer itself, a personality that draws people in. The bottle designs include an array of watercolor backgrounds depending on the type of beer. And this street art vibe continues all over the label. “

“These beer bottle logo designs are reminiscent of graffiti you’d see on your way to a new, hipster club in Williamsburg. And they definitely make you want to try a taste.”

logo, Design Experts Pick The Best Brewery Logos Of 2019

21st Amendment Brewery

Another DesignRush pick is also a favorite of ours…21st Amendment’s logo and label artwork smartly straddle the line between retro/historic imagery and progressive graphic novel techniques…

“The 21st amendment repealed the 18th amendment — effectively ending prohibition, so it’s fitting the brand took on this name to remember this triumphant day in alcohol’s history. And you can feel the history and the power of this logo design.”

Their package design carries on this similar theme, each can depict some moment in American history…from revolutionary battles to presidential speeches. These designs are sharp, hilarious, and really tell a story.”

logo, Design Experts Pick The Best Brewery Logos Of 2019

Maine Beer Company

Simplicity rules with Maine Beer Company’s imagery and we’re 100% behind this DesignRush logo and label pick which emphasizes an almost formal minimalism….

“The brand name, followed by a clean and simple drawing of a piece of barley, and then their tagline make up this tasteful and sophisticated craft brewery logo.”

“Simple. Sophisticated. Tasteful. There’s just enough creativity to pull you in.”

We’ve included all 16 of DesignRush’s 2019 logo picks with American Craft Beer’s favorites in bold…

1.     Flying Dog
2.    21st Amendment
3.    Magic Hat
4.    SouthNorte Beer Co.
5.    RedHook
6.    Vocation Brewery
7.    Scrappy Punk
8.    Maine Beer Company
9.    Night Shift Brewing
10.  Little Machine Beer
11.   Deschutes Brewery
12.   Krone
13.   Baderbrau Brewing and Lyft
14.   Commonwealth Brewing Company
15.   Drygate Brewing Company
16.   Bald Eagle Beer

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