Deschutes Brewery Ad Campaign Targets Cannabis Consumers

Deschutes, Deschutes Brewery Ad Campaign Targets Cannabis Consumers

Image credit: Deschutes Brewery

In yet another sign that the craft beer biz sees the budding recreational cannabis industry as a potential threat, the Bend, Oregon-based Deschutes Brewery has introduced a new ad campaign that targets pot lovers…

Created by the Opinionated creative agency, Deschutes’ new campaign “smartly positions Deschutes beer as not an enemy of weed, but as The New School explains an alternative…

 “The ‘It Comes with The Territory’ campaign, which features digital films, radio, and out of home advertising, highlights the brewery’s iconic place in the region and continues a new marketing approach for Deschutes that began earlier this year with a packaging redesign.”

The two digital ads, which will run across Oregon and Washington where cannabis is legal, “feature a Martha Stewart look-alike who proudly tells the audience what the Pacific Northwest’s favorite thing to do is when it’s not smoking weed: drink Deschutes beer.”

Deschutes, Deschutes Brewery Ad Campaign Targets Cannabis ConsumersIn the 15-second spot the “Martha Stewart” spokesperson pulls out a tray of “famously dank sativa space cakes” before calling Deschutes IPA beer as “the beer of choice in the land of recreational cannabis.”

And in the campaign’s 30-second spot, the Martha Stewart stand-in describes the brewery’s IPA as “the super dank refreshment when you’re not toking the reefer.

“This campaign celebrates not only our humor and creativity but our Pacific Northwest roots. It’s a way to reaffirm and honor our heritage and ignite our future in craft beer,” said  brewery founder Gary Fish.

Deschutes is far from the first brewery to target recreational marijuana consumers.

Last July Lagunitas launched an IPA-inspired, THC-infused sparkling water, making the now Heineken-owned brewery the first Big Beer company to enter the US psychoactive cannabis drinks market.

Lagunitas Hi-Fi Hops currently comes in two different THC level (5.omg and 10.omg) and the cannabis infused sparkling water is available at select dispensaries throughout California.

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