COVID-19 Permanently Ends Almost 10,000 UK Pubs, Bars And Restaurants

, COVID-19 Permanently Ends Almost 10,000 UK Pubs, Bars And Restaurants

The raging pandemic has led to prolonged lockdowns and the permanent closures of nearly 10,000 hospitality venues in the United Kingdom. And it doesn’t get much more sobering than that.

Here’s the deal…

The latest Market Recovery Monitor, a quarterly snapshot of the hospitality industry compiled by CGA and Alix Partners, shows that 9,930 UK hospitality venues closed permanently in 2020.

That’s “permanently closed” as in never coming back.

According to the study, 2020 was nothing short of devastating and unfortunately these results might just be the tip of the iceberg…

“The challenging end to 2020, when the vast majority of operators were forced to close at what should have been the busiest time of year, ended an incredibly tough year. While supported by government grants, concessions, and the furloughing scheme, many small businesses were unable to generate enough cash to stay afloat.”

, COVID-19 Permanently Ends Almost 10,000 UK Pubs, Bars And Restaurants

BBPA’s Emma McClarkin

“After such a bleak Christmas it is difficult to maintain optimism and the 2020 closure figures may represent just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come in the first part of 2021—two-thirds of these closures happened in the second half of last year.”

Emma McClarkin, chief executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, (BBPA) expressed disarming concern…

“These figures show what a devastating year 2020 was for pubs. Our sector is far from out the woods yet, though, and it continues to fight for its very survival through the pandemic in 2021. We fear things could actually get much worse before they get better for our pubs and brewers”

“Given this latest evidence showing how the COVID crisis and lockdown is ripping pubs away from their communities for good, it is more important than ever that the government backs our local pubs and brewers.”

“Pubs are the heart of our communities and have a vital role to play in the economic recovery. If they are to survive the current onslaught they face though they need backing from government.”

Karl Chessell, of CGA, was equally bleak in his assessment of the dire situation UK, pubs, bars and restaurants are now facing…

“Almost 10,000 licensed venues have not been able to make it through, and it is sadly inevitable thousands more casualties will follow.”

And unfortunately the hits from COVID-19 just keep coming….

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