Which Countries Drank The Most Beer In 2017?

Duff Beer ©The Simpsons

We’ll the United States did its part…But we can’t do everything.

Statista just released a new study which revealed how much beer people in selected countries consumed last year and it was sobering. And we probably shouldn’t say that Eastern Europe has a problem…But Eastern Europe does drink HUGE amounts of beer.

Like most of these things, this was a per capita study which factored a nation’s population and the volume of beer they consumed.

Bottom line in 2017, the Czech Republic blew everybody away and even embarrassed noted players like Poland, Germany, Austria and Lithuania.

As you can see the US put in a respectable performance, coming in at #12, but was clearly overshadowed by beer-crazed countries like Croatia (who even drink more than the Irish) and other Eastern European enclaves, like Latvia, Slovenia and Romania, where there may (or may not) be vampires.

And no ranking for the United Kingdom? What’s up with that? Up in Scotland they serve beer with breakfast.

 Thanks again to Statista for their handy dandy graphic chart



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