Coors Light Beer & Patrick Mahomes Promote Coors Light Bear

, Coors Light Beer & Patrick Mahomes Promote Coors Light Bear

(Courtesy Molson Coors)

In the world of important beer news, this breaking story is barely bearable.

Here’s the deal…

Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes has too much time on his hands this offseason. Due to league contracts, regulations and red tape he’s unable to invest his efforts into things he might be doing around now, things like promoting his favorite beer.

He can however, promote, bear.

Molson Coors’ latest ad stars Mahomes alongside, well, a bear, and it’s pretty hilarious.

“Coors Light Bear. The world’s most refreshing bear,” Mahomes, the NFL’s current MVP, says in the ad.

“When I’m on the golf course, I always need my Coors Light Bear,” Mahomes told Beer & Beyond. “It’s great to work with one of my favorite brands, especially during the off-season when I can really find a moment to chill.”

Coors Light and Mahomes came together last summer, as well, to introduce The Coors Light, a branded flashlight that Mahomes promoted in a similar ad that was just as funny.

, Coors Light Beer & Patrick Mahomes Promote Coors Light BearAnd Molson Coors is also capitalizing on the Coors Light Bear thing, with special Coors Light Bear golf club covers that you can get HERE with proceeds going to the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation.

One of the NFL’s most exciting quarterback’s who led his team to the league championship last year, Mahomes is also known championing Coors Light on social media, sharing photos of him wearing the Coors Light onesie enjoying a Coors Light-inspired birthday cake.

“We love that Patrick is such a huge fan of Coors Light,” Katie Feldman, marketing director for Coors Light added. “He may be serious on the football field, but when he’s chilling during the offseason, we’re proud that he chooses Coors Light, whether it’s the bear or the beer.”


(All image credits: Coors Light)

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