Bud Light Beer Genie Appears In New Super Bowl LVIII Ad

, Bud Light Beer Genie Appears In New Super Bowl LVIII Ad

(Courtesy Bud Light)

It also features Post Malone, Peyton Manning, and Dana White.

And we’ve gotta admit it’s pretty funny…

So “Poof,” here’s the deal…

On February 6 Bud Light debuted it’s newest Super Bowl commercial,  a hilarious spot that introduces the Bud Light Genie, a character we expect we’ll see more of.

“Easy Night Out” follows a group of friends who unleash the Bud Light Genie from a bottle of Bud Light in their fridge while hanging out. The Bud Light Genie grants easy wishes, turning a basic night out into a series of adventures that include a ride to the bar in a stretch DeLorean with Bud Lights later magically appearing at every table.

As the Bud Light Genie continues to grant wishes, the friends encounter a few fan-favorite personalities, with Peyton Manning becoming part of the best friend group, Post Malone hosting an epic backyard concert, and Dana White leading a weigh-in featuring one of the friends.

It’s been a tough year for Bud Light in the wake of its brief, but ultimately costly, alliance with trans influencer, Dylan Mulvaney and the brand has been struggling to set an appropriate tone going forward. And it’s new Super Bowl spot does that and more.

“We’ve been doing Super Bowl ads since 1983,” Todd Allen, VP of marketing for Bud Ligh told the Daily Mail. “Some of the most iconic ads have leaned into humor. So we’re bringing that lightheartedness a bit back as well.”

In addition to introducing the pitch-perfect Bud Light Genie, “Easy Night Out” also returns Peyton Manning, Post Malone both who starred in past Bud Light spots, and Dana White who recently committed to the brand.

“You know, we’ve been at the intersection of sports, music, culture care entertainment for four years and we’ve made some great friends along the way and we wanted to bring some of those long standing partners into the mix as well, “ Allen added.

, Bud Light Beer Genie Appears In New Super Bowl LVIII Ad

(Courtesy Bud Light)

“I’m here for the three-peat and stoked to be back with Bud Light for my third Super Bowl commercial,” Post Malone said “’We created something truly epic and pretty damn funny together that I know the fans will love.”

‘We had a lot of fun making this commercial, Peyton Manning added, “and I’m sure a lot of people are going to be thinking through what they would wish for if they were lucky enough to meet the Bud Light Genie.”

And UFC founder Dana White was all about it as well…

“’The cast, the director and Peyton were fun to work with and it was such an incredible way to kick off my new partnership with AB and Bud Light.’


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