Brewing With Bread For Fun And Profit In The UK

brewing, Brewing With Bread For Fun And Profit In The UKHey, we’d be ‘loafing’ if we didn’t try to work all kinds of ‘bread puns’ into this piece so don’t think us ‘rye.’

Here’s the deal…

In a blatant attempt to generate some much ‘kneaded’ ‘dough’, UK brewer Adnams has crafted three beers for UK retailer Marks & Spencer (a fun place by the way) using surplus bread leftover from the store’s sandwich production.

According to the Drinks Business the Suffolk-based brewery ‘adds around 700 kilograms of leftover bread per batch, with three times as much malted barley, to the mash,’ a ‘crusty’ way to recycle sandwich bread into beer so you can get ’toasted.’

The first three beers from Marks & Spencer’s “Used Our Loaf” series include the 3.6% Triple English Hop Southwold Pale Ale, a 5% Early Grey Pale Ale and a sessionable Raspberry Fruit Beer.

A report by the BBC’s Inside the Factory program estimates that 24 million slices of bread are thrown away every day in Britain that could be put to ‘good brewing” use in delicious projects such as this.

And with craft beer’s growing commitment to eco-friendly practices and sustainability, brewers like Toast Ale and Northern Monk are leading the charge brewing beer with leftover bread and making a little extra ‘dough’ in doing so.

There’s really there’s no other way to ‘slice’ it.

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