BrewDog Launches Alcohol-Free Bar In The UK

, BrewDog Launches Alcohol-Free Bar In The UK

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Timed to coincide with the ‘Dry-January’ movement, BrewDog is opening the world’s first alcohol-free bar in London.

Here’s the deal…

‘Dry January’ is becoming a quieter month for bars and pubs in the UK, with consumers abstaining from alcohol and avoiding drinking out altogether.

Sales of beers with an ABV of 1.2% or lower have soared in the United Kingdom over the past two years.

According to market analyst Mintel, 28% of beer drinkers are cutting back on consumption due to health concerns. And EeBria Trade analysis is showing that sales of low and no-alcohol beers have grown an astounding 381% since 2017.

Sales of no and low alcohol drinks in the UK on-trade rose by 48% to around £60 million last year, according to CGA’s latest report.

, BrewDog Launches Alcohol-Free Bar In The UK

And BrewDog is looking to cash in on the growing ‘sober-curious’ populous with a new spot to hang out and enjoy a drink in that embraces Dry January (and Dry Forever) participants while keeping things tasty and fun.

On Monday January 6, BrewDog is launching another first, a branded bar embracing buzz-free craft beer and spirits.

Located in central London, thirty seconds from the Hoxton tube (that’s British for subway),  BrewDog’s new pilot operation will be pouring from 15 taps of alcohol-free craft beer, and debuting the now global brewer’s BrewDog newest alcohol-free beers.

Described as a “your new all-day blend,” Wake Up Call is a 0.5% ABV full-flavored Coffee Stout with roasty hints of chocolate and coffee. And Hazy AF is the company’s heavily promoted buzz-less juicy IPA.

, BrewDog Launches Alcohol-Free Bar In The UKAnd if beer’s not what you’re in the mood for there are plenty of options, BrewDog’s new AF hang will also offer a changing selection of alcohol-free spirits and cider including the new Designated Cider from Hawkes Cidery.

This from BrewDog…

Craft beer is a point of difference, and we have long believed in its power to banish the status quo that alcohol-free has somehow become synonymous with taste-free. We also believe in inclusivity – and the BrewDog AF Bar is here to be that difference-maker to those who are looking for an alternative to call their own.”

And upping the ante on ‘Dry January,’ the Scotland-headquartered company is also toasting sobriety with free unlimited refills of any BrewDog Alcohol-Free beer in every UK BrewDog Bar (as well as at a number of its international locations) throughout January.

Are you still ‘sober-curious?’    There’s also this…


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