BrewDog Buys UK Draft House Chain

The Draft House In Milton in Milton Keynes, UK

Scottish punk brewing giant BrewDog has announced that it has acquired Draft House an enormously successful Independent craft beer bar chain that operates 14 venue’s across London and in England’s southeast.

And here’s why…

Founded Charlie McVeigh in 2009, Draft House was built around a passion for beer and a fierce sense of independence that proved hugely attractive…

You see, most pubs in the United Kingdom are owned or aligned with a specific beer producer…London’s biggest brewery Fuller’s, for example, owns 400 pubs that primarily sell their beers. Same goes for BrewDog who own 50 bars around the world including 12 in London

Draft House was built around a more American craft beer bar model. Fiercely independent, Draft House bars offer serious beer no matter who brewed it…And it’s that independence which may explain why BrewDog wanted to buy them.

BrewDog indicated that while they are planning to invest in Draft House and potentially expand the group in the future, the beer selection would remain different to BrewDog’s own branded bars, with an emphasis of independent craft beer from around the world.

This from BrewDog’s David McDowall, who oversees BrewDog’s bar operation and will now be responsible for the Draft House’s craft beer venues as well…

At BrewDog, we are obsessed with making other people as passionate about amazing craft beer as we are, and in speaking with the Draft House team, we recognized that there is a great opportunity to combine our efforts and continue to elevate the status of beer. Draft House does a lot of things outstandingly well, and we’re all in for enabling them to further nail what they do best, and provide support where we can.

So BrewDog’s acquisition of the Draft House chain might be seen as less of an expansion of their own brand, but more of a diversification that champions craft beer movement in UK while extending their reach into other beer producers hungry for outlets.

According to BrewDog, all of Draft House’s 213 team members will stay with the Scotland- headquartered brewery who are offering additional support for those interested in taking the Beer Judge Certification Program or applying to the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

And again, we have to ask, “When does BrewDog find time to sleep?”

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