BrewDog Boosts Benefits For Bigtime Punk Investors!

BrewDog’s ‘custom art’ beer fridges

BrewDog’s UK crowdfunding campaign, Equity for Punks V which has already raised over £18.5 million and drawn tens of thousands of new punks into the BrewDog community, is boosting benefits for next level investors…

And here’s some of the cool incentives that BrewDog is offering those ‘next level’ investors who are willing to shell out £5,000.

A BrewDog Custom ”Street Art” Beer Fridge

That’s right, for those bigtime investment punks who are willing to cough up a cold £5,000, BrewDog will gift you with a personal beer fridge that’s been hand painted by the brewery’s resident mural artist up in Ellon Scotland.

Explained as the “the ultimate way to ensure your collection of beers at home are perfect and ready to go when you need them,” every BrewDog beer fridge will be a practical work of art that you can ‘chill’ on.

A ‘We Bleed Craft Beer’ Dog Day

Alternatively big spenders can opt for the ultimate backstage brewery experience, a trip to BrewDog’s HQ up in Scotland for a day spent rubbing elbows with their brewers, directors and crewmembers.

For the ‘We Bleed Craft Beer’ Dog Day those who invest £5k will receive a VIP tour of their Eco-friendly Ellon brewhouse as well as a tasting session of some of their newest beers.

You’ll also attend a dinner with craft beer as the star then head to an in-depth Q&A with their BrewDog Directors…so you can pummel them endlessly with questions.

Spend the day with BrewDog experts here!

We Are Geeks’ Dog Day

Finally for homebrewers or anyone who has a passion for the science of brewing, BrewDog is offering the ultimate opportunity. Invest £5,000 in Equity for Punks V and you’ll head up to Ellon and spend a day geeking out with the brewery’s world-beating Quality team.

Beer nerds will spend a day with BrewDog’s analytical superheroes and you’ll attend a real-life taste panel where their trained sensory experts check beers at every stage of the brewing process. You’ll also get to join in on a session in their state-of-the-art laboratory, go on a VIP tour of the Ellon brewhouse and then head for dinner and a Q&A with their masters of quality.

“Boosted Benefits” are available on a first-come, first-served basis as some have a maximum capacity – so check the BrewDog’s Benefits website for up to date numbers!

And even better, all these next-level benefits run in addition to the everyday benefits of becoming a card-carrying Equity Punk, which include discounts in their bars and online shop, first option on our new beers, a signed copy of BrewDog; Craft Beer for the People opus and an invite to their rocking #PunkAGM.

All Image credits: BrewDog

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