Breaking News – Beer Might Actually Be Good For You!

babyThe cultural tide has turned on American icons such as the soft drink and its brethren, fruit juice. Once widely popular beverages, both have fallen on harder times and are now considered health pariahs that leave consumers prone to diabetes and other scary things. But out of their ashes, a new savior has arisen. 

Beer is now being heralded as the universal answer to a long and healthy life, and we’re all about it!

The Daily Mail recently ran a fun piece hailing beer’s health benefits and it was so encouraging that we had to drink a couple of beers while we read it. So welcome to the first in our two-part series on how drinking beer just might help your health.

Beer is Loaded With Good Stuff

Beer health G-10681Turns out that beer’s quite the “vitamin bomb” according to the article’s author, Laura Bond, who cites European experts to bolster a position that we’re already predisposed to accept:

“If you analyzed beer you would be amazed at how many super-nutrients there are in it,” says Dr Stephan Domenig, medical director of The Original F.X. Mayr Health Centre in Austria. “Beer contains all of the essential – and many of the non-essential – amino acids.”

Bond goes on to explain that beer is rich in all kinds of valuable minerals “including phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, and potassium,” – and that it’s also rich in calcium. This is awesome! So now when you fall on your face from drinking to much beer, you won’t be nearly as much at risk of breaking your bones!

And it gets better…

A 2009 study by Tufts University found that even moderate beer consumption can protect bone mineral density. Just think how strong our bones will become after several nights of “power-pounding” beers. By deliberately increasing their beer consumption, some of the more disciplined drinkers among us could become virtually unbreakable. They’ll be lauded by society as their actions will help lessen the burden on healthcare’s fragile economy!

Beer is Low in Sugar and High in Fiber

Med BeerWhen measured up against beverages such as coke or orange juice, beer contains much less sugar and that’s clearly beneficial according to some experts that Bond cited:

“Compared with soft drinks, it will give less of a blood sugar spike,” says nutritionist Dr Kathryn O’Sullivan, who last year carried out a scientific review of beer. “Beer is about 93 percent water so it’s quite hydrating.”

And in spite of the whole beer belly thing, beer actually has fat-fighting qualities:

“Drinking beer increases the production of bile, which helps us to digest fatty food,” says Dr Domenig. “Beer is a rich source of fiber – two glasses provide between 10 and 30 percent of our recommended requirement. Fiber is known to help keep us full and ward off hunger.”

Even Better News Tomorrow

This is just the beginning of all the awesome health news about beer that we discovered in the UK MailOnline report. We saved the best stuff for tomorrow – so be sure to check us out when Beer Might Actually Be Good For You (Part II) returns.

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