Blue Moon Brewing Introduces Tiny Pies To Garnish Beer

, Blue Moon Brewing Introduces Tiny Pies To Garnish Beer

(Courtesy Blue Moon Brewing)

Molson Coors, the brewer of beers like Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-style Wheat Ale, Blue Moon LightSky and Moon Haze is putting a twist on traditional Thanksgiving desserts with its Blue Moon Pie Pints.

, Blue Moon Brewing Introduces Tiny Pies To Garnish BeerThat’s right…forget the orange wheel that traditionally graces these popular Wheat Ales, they’ve partnered with viral baking sensation Melissa Ben-Ishay to create a lineup of tiny treats that pair perfectly with Blue Moon’s lineup of beers.

“Blue Moon’s orange wheel garnish is so iconic it would take something special for us to even consider replacing it,” Leah Bowman, associate marketing manager for Blue Moon told Beer & Beyond. “Our ambition with Pie Pints was to create something that was both fun and unexpected as well as perfectly paired to the flavors that make our beer special.”

“Whenever I come up with a new cupcake flavor or write a new recipe, I’m focused on getting the perfect bite,” says Ben-Ishay, CEO and co-founder of Baked by Melissa. “As a longtime fan of Blue Moon, I was thrilled to work alongside their brewers to create recipes that complemented some of my favorite beers.”

The beer and mini-pie pairings are:

  • Blue Moon Belgian White & Spiced Citrus Pumpkin Pie: Blue Moon Belgian White, a Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with Valencia orange peel and coriander, is best paired with the most iconic of pies. The Spiced Citrus Pumpkin Pie is a classic pumpkin pie with an elevated twist. This pie incorporates dashes of coriander and orange zest that complement the subtle sweetness and bright, citrus aroma of Belgian White.
  • Blue Moon LightSky & Tropic Sky Pie: LightSky is a light wheat beer brewed with real citrus peel for a lighter taste. The Tropic Sky Pie is packed with a mango and pineapple custard filling that complements the flavors of LightSky Citrus Wheat and Tropical Wheat.
  • Moon Haze & Coconut Citrus Pie: Moon Haze is a juicy hazy beer with bold tropical flavors and a heavy tropical citrus aroma. The sweet, bright citrus and tropical coconut filling of the Coconut Citrus Pie balances Moon Haze’s hoppiness, while complementing its juicy flavor profile.

This week Blue Moon is making these mini-pie garnishes available to consumers HERE. Sold in packs of three for $18 + shipping and handling.  Shipping is available nationwide

And Blue Moon is also making the Pie Pints’ recipes available online for home bakers, whether they choose to make pint-size or full-size versions.


(All image credits: Blue Moon Brewing)

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