Big Sky Beer – Craft Beer Arrives In Montana

, Big Sky Beer – Craft Beer Arrives In MontanaGood things are happening in Big Sky Country where craft beer has finally arrived. But this really shouldn’t surprise any of you who know the state and its people. Montana has long been known for its wide open spaces and its independent spirit. You’ve got to think that they’d be all about the craft beer ethos – small independent brewers making beer for themselves and their communities – and now they are.

Montana’s Craft Beer Industry

The people of Montana have always been dedicated beer drinkers and they’re now embracing craft beer more than ever. As of 2012, the state was home to more than 39 breweries and the craft beer industry is fast becoming an economic force for the state. 

At first glance, 39 breweries might not seem like a lot, especially compared to states like California. But when you put this number up against the state’s population, you realize that, with the exception of Vermont, MONTANA NOW HAS MORE BREWERIES PER CAPITA THAN ANY OTHER STATE IN THE COUNTRY!

, Big Sky Beer – Craft Beer Arrives In MontanaCraft Beer Tourism in Montana

Interest in “The Treasure State’s” craft beer scene has led Montana to create its own beer trails. The Montana Brewery Trail consists of 10 routes, all fashioned so visitors can experience the state’s vast beauty and sample its brilliant beer as they go. For travelers who have the time, Montana’s Grand Brewery Loop is the complete introduction to the state’s wonders and its craft beers.

They’ve also designed three alternative routes for tourists only passing through. The two Interstate Routes are perfect for craft beer fans who want to hit as many breweries as possible as they cruise across the state. The Yellowstone Brewery Trail is a 3- or 4-day loop that often ventures off the freeways onto scenic secondary roadways, and takes in nine breweries along the way. They also suggest local routes like the Flathead Lake Brewery Trail – trips that take you deeper into Montana’s scenic splendor, where you can visit unique brewing communities well off “the beaten path.”

, Big Sky Beer – Craft Beer Arrives In MontanaMontana Breweries That We like and You Might Want to Check Out

Montana has so many great breweries to visit and it all starts with the state’s snow-fed mountain waters….

Big Sky Brewing (Missoula, MT) – Located in Missoula, the state’s biggest brewing city, “Big Sky” is one of the state’s better-known craft breweries and a perfect place to start! And try to get your hands on a Powder Hound when you’re there.

Bozeman Brewing Company (Bozeman, MT) – Tony and Lisa Danzl Scott are doing something special up in Bozeman. Founded in 2001, Bozeman Brewing sits on the edge of the city’s historic north side Brewery District and is well worth a visit.

Blackfoot River Brewing Company (Helena, MT)Blackfoot River Brewing was founded in 1998 by three passionate homebrewers, and it offers some of the finest handcrafted, traditional beers to be found in Montana. Blackfoot River should not be missed!

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