Beyond Beer: Molson Coors Introduces Barley Milk

, Beyond Beer: Molson Coors Introduces Barley Milk

(Courtesy Molson Coors)

In an effort to supplement slowing beer sales Molson Coors has been introducing a number of non-beer offerings lately, products like La Colombe coffee and ZOA energy drink.

But now the company is stretching even further…into the alternative milk market.

Made with five all-natural ingredients, including non-GMO barley stock that comes from the fields of Coors’ barley farmers, Golden Wing Barley Milk is a non-alcohol plant-based milk that will sit in the dairy aisle.

“The plant-based milk category is growing rapidly, and it’s largely fueled by innovation,” Brian Schmidt, Molson Coors’ marketing manager for non-alcohol products, explained to Beer & Beyond. “Whether it’s almond, oat or barley, innovation is providing alternatives for consumers seeking the benefits of plant-based milk.”

, Beyond Beer: Molson Coors Introduces Barley Milk

(Say goodbye!)

Just as with non-alcoholic beer, plant-based milk products are seen as healthier options to cow’s milk. Millennials and Gen Xers are at the vanguard of a growing movement of consumers exploring healthier beverages.

With more vitamins and less sugar than cow’s milk, plant-based milk has elbowed its way into the mainstream in recent years, growing dollar sales by more than 5% since 2016, according to IRI. Of the plant-based options, grain-based milk has grown significantly since 2016, at the expense of seed- and nut-based milk.

“Golden Wing drinkers are consumers who care about what they put into their bodies, “Schmidt said. “They care enough about the planet to know dairy’s harmful impact, and they’re confident enough to know what they want to drink.”

Molson Coors describes its newest innovation this way…

“Pouring a khaki color, Golden Wing has a malty sweetness reminiscent of milk leftover in a bowl of cereal. With a simple ingredient bill of water, barley, sunflower oil, pink Himalayan salt and shiitake mushroom extract, the milk tastes natural without being overly sweet or astringent.”

“We want to let our ingredients speak for themselves. Golden Wing keeps it simple, delivering on exceptional flavor with barley leading the way,” Schmidt says. “Golden Wing contains 130 calories and, compared to 2% milk, it has 60% less sugar, 50% more calcium and twice as much Vitamin D.”

Addressing the obvious question about why Molson Coors, a company with 236-year brewing legacy feels it can succeed in the milk aisle Schmidt was quick to respond…

“We know beer, and because of that we know barley. And with our background and expertise, we believe this will be the next major evolution in the plant-based milk category.”


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