Beer News: Snallygaster Beer Fest Returns / CO2 Shortages Plague American Brewers

, Beer News: Snallygaster Beer Fest Returns / CO2 Shortages Plague American Brewers

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The beer biz never sleeps at American Craft Beer. And here’s just some of what’s been happening while you were drinking your way through the weekend.

Snallygaster Tickets Go On Sale

One of the East Coast’s most anticipated beer festivals is returning to Washington, DC on Oct 8th  and tickets to this “must” event are now on sale.

Named after a mythical dragon-like beast, rumored to have once inhabited the mid-Atlantic’s backwoods around the turn of the century, Snallygaster is a monster of a festival. And it’s all about showcasing the unique and less common… beers not normally offered at even the more upscale beer festivals.

Now in its tenth year, Snallygaster is presented annually by The Neighborhood Restaurant Group (NRG) an award winning collection of independent and idiosyncratic businesses devoted to the culinary arts in Washington DC that under the tutelage of beer director and partner Greg Engert who has become a force in the craft beer biz.

And this year’s event will feature UNLIMITED pours of 350 brews from 175+ of the most acclaimed American and international brewers.


Words to Drink By

“Buzz happens slower than ever before. And the media is not in control of it. The old movie advertising, all the tricks to get people excited about something? Gone.”  – Bob Lefsetz, Music industry writer and media analyst


, Beer News: Snallygaster Beer Fest Returns / CO2 Shortages Plague American Brewers

CO2 Shortages Plague American Brewers

Oxygen is beer’s enemy. It causes beer to deteriorate. Carbon dioxide is its protector. Brewers rely on CO2 to keep oxidation from ruining their beer. But due to the pandemic this important gas is now experiencing nationwide supply chain issues.

Boulder, CO-based craft beer trade organization, the Brewers Association, told WBUR that “it’s receiving reports about the CO2 crisis from producers across the country.  “Persistent delivery truck driver shortages are also complicating the issue, the association said noting that “summer is peak demand season for CO2, so supply disruptions have a greater potential to turn into shortages during the summer.”

Just last week Night Shift Brewing was forced to stop brewing at its Everett, MA-based headquarters, due to their inability to secure CO2.

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