Beer News: Sierra Nevada Funds Hop DNA Study / Cuba’s Oldest Brewery Debuts In Miami

, Beer News:  Sierra Nevada Funds Hop DNA Study / Cuba’s Oldest Brewery Debuts In Miami

A historic hop breakthrough in the Pacific Northwest.  We’ve that, a legendary Cuban brewery arrives in Miami and more…

Cuba’s Oldest Brewery Debuts In Miami

On February 19th Cuba’s oldest brewery became Miami’s youngest, when the highly-anticipated Cervecería La Tropical finally opened its doors in the city’s trendy Wynwood Arts District.

The brewery’s popularity dates to 1888 when Cervecería La Tropical was inaugurated, establishing the Cuban beer industry. La Tropical’s US roots date back more than two decades, through the sale of a Florida-brewed pilsner beer and, more recently, through a successful launch of La Tropical’s La Original Ambar Lager in 2016.

A joint venture with Heineken ensued and La Tropical embarked on a mission to build a new and permanent home for the brewery in Miami, purchasing real estate, building the brewery, hiring and training staff and researching and developing the 20 handcrafted beers that will be available on-site.

The new 28,000 square-foot space is also home to a Latin Caribbean-inspired restaurant by Miami’s own Chef Cindy Hutson. It also features a lush 10,000 square-foot botanical tropical garden – Jardines La Tropical – and, in keeping with the neighborhood, a selection of commissioned murals and art by local artists.


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, Beer News:  Sierra Nevada Funds Hop DNA Study / Cuba’s Oldest Brewery Debuts In Miami

Credit: Oregon State University research hop yard

Sierra Nevada Funds Genome Sequencing Study

Oregon State University and US Department of Agriculture researchers have significantly expanded their understanding of the hop genome, (an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions in a properly sequenced order), a development with important implications for the brewing industry.

As reported in a  study just published in the journal The Plant Genome, researchers have successfully sequenced the genome of the Cascade hop, the hop variety credited with helping to launch the craft beer movement and the second most widely grown variety in the United States today.

In the past scientists have attempted to sequence the hop genome, but with limited success due to the cultivar’s size (similar in size to the human genome) and complexity.

Funding for the sequencing was provided by Pacific Biosciences of California and Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. The research was also supported by funding from the US Department of Agriculture.

The United States is the top hop producing country in the world and Washington, Oregon and Idaho account for nearly all the hop acreage in the US. In 2019, production of hops in the US was worth more than $600 million. And this study will help in the development of new and exciting hop varietals.

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