Beer News: Naked Pub Nights, Russian Brewers Expect Hop Shortage

, Beer News: Naked Pub Nights, Russian Brewers Expect Hop Shortage

Not sure that the world was asking for this, but naked pub nights have arrived in the UK. We’ve that, Russian hop shortages and more.

Russian Brewers Expect Hop Shortage Due to War in Ukraine

Russian-owned brewers import around 98% of the hops they use every year, largely from Germany, the Czech Republic and the US. And with the Russia/Ukraine war raging and no signs of trade sanctions being eased, the country’s brewer’s union has asked the Russian government to support increased local production of hops, the Kommersant newspaper reported.

The Association of Russian Hops Producers estimates that it would need more than 500 million rubles (US$6.4 million) in state subsidies for three to five years in order to boost hop production to 1,000 tons by 2030, according to the newspaper.

The problem is further exacerbated by the fact that domestic demand for Russian beers is expected to rise on the back of Carlsberg and Heineken announcing plans to exit the Russian market permanently in response to the war with Ukraine.

Most of Russia’s brewers have enough hops to last them for a few months, but are likely to face challenges by summer if supplies continue to be disrupted.


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, Beer News: Naked Pub Nights, Russian Brewers Expect Hop Shortage


Naked Pub Nights Launch in the UK

Nothing On Events, a UK-based events company which bills itself as providing opportunities for seasoned naturist (read: nudists) to do what everybody else takes for granted, except doing it in the nude. And one of those things is having a beer in the pub so they’ve introduced special naked pub nights.

As Adam Ford, 41, of Nothing On Events, explained to the Daily Star,  “Naturism is about equality and inclusivity, so I wanted to put on dining events that more people could afford and have the opportunity to experience the freedom of naturism in safe environments. “We are the event company that aims to normalize naturism, to allow people to have new experiences in safe, non-sexual social nudity,”

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