Beer News: Miller Lite Ad Controversy / $17 Beer At PGA Championship

, Beer News: Miller Lite Ad Controversy / $17 Beer At PGA Championship

(Courtesy Miller Lite)

The beer biz never sleeps at American Craft Beer. And here’s just some of what’s been happening while you were drinking your way through the weekend.

New Miller Lite Ad Controversy

Miller Lite recently celebrated Women’s History Month by trashing its own sexist advertising history and turning it into what they are calling Good $#!T.

On March 7 Miller Lite launched its colorful  Bad $#!T to Good $#!T campaign, an initiative creating fertilizer made from old sexist beer advertising that will be used to grow hops for female brewers.

To help make amends for the industry’s sexist history of beer marketing, Miller Lite  teamed up with, comedian, Ilana Glazer in a video were they’re turning the age-old, objectifying beer ads (Bad $#!T) into good $#!T – hops fertilizer.

And now in the wake of the Bud Light Trans controversy, the Miller Lite promotion is receiving renewed attention for being yet another example of “woke” beer advertising.

A spokesperson for Molson Coors hit back at the claims the advert was woke, telling the Daily Mail

‘This video was about two things: worm poop and saying women shouldn’t be forced to mud wrestle in order to sell beer. Neither of these things should be remotely controversial and we hope beer drinkers can appreciate the humor (and ridiculousness) of this video from back in March.’


Words to Drink By

“’Nobody wants to buy beer from Lizzo.” – US Congressman Matt Gaetz controversial response to Miller Lite using bikini-clad women to advertise their beer back in the day, after the company’s March campaign, which renounced its past sexist ads, resurfaces.


, Beer News: Miller Lite Ad Controversy / $17 Beer At PGA Championship

(2023 PGA Championship: Courtesy Oak Hill Country Club)

Fans Blast $17 beer Prices at 2023 PGA Championship

The 105th PGA Championship took place over May 18-21 at the Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY. And beer lovers who made the trek to watch the world’s best golfers in the prestigious golf outing, took to social media to condemn the outrageous beer prices at $17 a beer!

By contrast, the cost of a beer at The Masters in Augusta Georgia was around $5 according to Golf Monthly. “And fans were quick to take to Twitter to voice their opinions, with many calling it disgusting.’”

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