Beer Buzz – Exploding Beer Bottles, Natural Light’s New ‘77 Pack’ And More!

Explosive beer from Le Castor

Yikes, its October already…and clearly the craft beer biz isn’t slowing down any time soon. But no worries, the Beer Buzz is always on the case, keeping you up on all the beer news and lifestyle that matters. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately and you don’t want to miss that!

Is Dry Hopping Causing Beer Bottles To Explode? (Quebec) – Every so often we hear about we hear about beer bottles exploding beer bottle. Last March Canadian craft brewer Le Castor was forced to recall three of their of their releases after retailers began reporting that a number of their beer bottles had exploded.

Swill, a sour fruit beer brewed by the 10 Barrel Brewing in 2014 was pulled from shelves across North America after it was discovered some were experiencing a secondary fermentation in the bottle, causing the bottles to explode.

Dry-hopping may be behind some of these beer bottle explosions according to Thomas Shellhammer, a food scientist at Oregon State University and co-author of a recent paper in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Far from being the chemically inert ingredient as brewers have long assumed, late addition hops contain starch enzymes that, under certain conditions, can boost their activity to such a point that re-fermentation occurs

Words To Drink By – “The hops are taking something that’s considered by brewers to be un-fermentable, and breaking them down to the point where they can actually re-ferment.” Professor Thomas Shellhammer to Ars Technica

Natural Light Debuts New 77 Pack (College Park, MD) – Described by The TakeOut as a “regular beer that’s been passed through a Brita filter 10,000 times,” the Anheuser-Busch Natural Light hasn long been a low cost college staple that’s mow embracing its bulk-beer roots and celebrating its debut in 1977 with a special  77-pack of cans, available exclusively around the College Park, Maryland.

Why the Natural Light 77 packages are only being released in College Park area , besides that it’s the home of University of Maryland, remains a mystery…But according to the retailers we contacted the hexagon bulk-packs are selling briskly…So maybe that’s the answer?

What We’ve Been Drinking Lately (Petaluma, CA)  – Last night we tapped something FRESH and deftly seasonal from Lagunitas that like the brewery is always a good time. Lagunitas Born Yesterday Pale Ale is a 7% ABV fresh-hopped take on their popular Dogtown Pale that never dissapoints.

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