Beer Buzz – Black Friday Stouts, Samuel Adams And Swiss Craft Beer!

Yikes, it’s almost November…and clearly the craft beer biz isn’t slowing down any time soon. But no worries, the Beer Buzz is always on the case, keeping you up on all the beer news and lifestyle that matters. Plus we’ve an all-important update on what we’ve been drinking lately and you don’t want to miss that!

Lakefront Brewery Ready For Black Friday (Milwaukee, WI) – Although the tradition of special Black Friday Beer releases has been largely credited to Goose Island’s annual Bourbon County releases, there’s another brewery just north of Chicago that has also become known for the defining stouts they debut on November 23rd.

For the past 8 years Lakefront Brewery’s Black Friday beer release has grown its own rabid following that now attracts beer pilgrims from all around the world. And this Black Friday Lakefront Brewery will release both the 2018 vintage of its famed, Black Friday beer, and the Black Friday XXX Vintage Reserve.

Lakefront Black Friday 2018 is an enormous 13.32% ABV Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with resonant notes of vanilla, chocolate and cherry.

Lakewood Black Friday XXX Vintage Reserve, a blend of the brewery’s 2015, 2016 and 2017 vintages, is a 13.82% ABV Imperial Stout that double-downs on the flavor by age and mellowness of the liquid.


Words To Drink By – “In the world of independent craft, our Black Friday release has become the gold standard.” Michael Stodola, Brand Manager / Lakefront Brewery


Swiss Cheese And Swiss Chocolate Make Room For Swiss Beer (Geneva) – Thanks to a liberalized market and the rise of craft beer, Switzerland now holds the global record for most breweries per capita, according to Handelspatt Global.

The Swiss beer market was long dominated by a legal cartel dating back to 1935, which was broken up in 1992. Once the beer market policy was liberalized the number of breweries exploded and by 2015, there were 479 breweries, the most per capita in the world.

In spite craft beer’s emergence in Switzerland, Big Beer still dominates much as it does in the US…the country’s top 50 breweries still make 99 percent of its beer with Carlsberg holding 34 percent of the market.

What We’ve Been Drinking Lately (Boston, MA) – Last night we tapped something that felt like the season which is currently only available in Sam Adams Beers of Fall Variety Pack. Brewed using four different types of fresh pumpkin that are grounded to a rich caramel malt backbone, Samuel Adams Pumpkin Ale is a 5.7% ABV modern take on a heritage tradition with a lingering roasted character.

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