Bad Ideas in Brewing – Beer Brewed With Whale Testicles

, Bad Ideas in Brewing – Beer Brewed With Whale Testicles

Hey no one’s perfect…as we at American Craft understand better than most, having enthusiastically acted on more bad ideas than we care to think about. That said, there are some ideas out there that are so monumentally bad and so misguided as to boggle the mind, allowing us to proclaim that “at least we didn’t come up with that!”

So welcome to the latest in our ongoing series, BAD IDEAS IN BREWING… and we’re blaming Iceland for this one.

The Story

News reports surfaced recently that an Icelandic brewery – Brugghús Stedji – had brewed a beer with whale testicles that were smoked over sheep dung! This is the same brewery (and previous “Bad Ideas in Brewing” recipient) that created an international uproar last year when they brewed a beer with desiccated whale meal from the endangered mammal. We thought that they’d maybe learned a lesson from that fiasco – but clearly they were only encouraged – because they’ve turned this whale parts brewing thing into a series. You see, Hvalur is the Icelandic word for whale and every release in the Hvalur Series uses some unfortunate part of the whale as an ingredient.

, Bad Ideas in Brewing – Beer Brewed With Whale TesticlesAnother Cultural Back Step for a Once-Proud People

What’s with Icelanders and whales to begin with? And why is this Icelandic brewery so obsessed with brewing beer using their parts? Is it because of their Viking heritage – some pagan instinct that even they can’t fully comprehend? And we’re particularly concerned with their choice of whale parts this time around. The fertility association is unavoidable – and very, very troubling.

To be fair, we can’t blame Iceland entirely for this whole brewing beer with body parts trend. After all, Rogue Ales brewed a beer with yeast harvested from brewmaster John Maier’s beard – that was pretty gross.

And Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing used smoked goat brains in a beer inspired by the AMC show “The Walking Dead” – that made us uncomfortable as well.

But we find Brugghús Stedji’s commitment to the step-by-step dismemberment of this proud , Bad Ideas in Brewing – Beer Brewed With Whale Testiclesendangered species to be morally repugnant at best, and more than vaguely Dameresque.

And we have to ask…


Bottom Line

Beer brewed with whale testicles is an affront to civilized peoples everywhere – and a conceptual nightmare on every level. We can overlook the role that Iceland played in the international banking disaster – but we can’t overlook this!

And the fact that this Icelandic brewery has turned this whole process into a regular series (!) is such a magnificently misguided escalation that it has earned its own special place in the annals of BAD IDEAS IN BREWING.





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