American Craft Beer’s Asia Update

beer, American Craft Beer’s Asia Update

Strrbucks Reserve Hong Kong

Some of beer’s more interesting stories of late are coming from halfway around the world. From countries like Japan and exotic locales like Hong Kong where beer has become a universal language.

Here’s what’s happening….

Starbucks Hong King Introduces Coffee-infused Craft Beers

Maybe beer-infused coffee might make for a bigger story, but news that the company’s flagship Starbucks Reserve venue in Central, Hong Kong has added two craft beers inspired by their own designer coffee creations is still fun to report on.

According to Inside Retail, the ‘Caramel Macchiato Cream Ale’ was inspired by Starbucks beloved Caramel Macchiato and was brewed with pre-ground Starbucks Colombian coffee and caramel for more than 18 hours.

The second coffee-infused craft beer making its Hong Kong debut is ‘Mocha Brown Ale’, which according to Starbucks Reserve marries “a robust brown ale with the indulgent chocolate and soft spice notes” of Starbucks Caffe Mocha. Starbuck’s Mocha Brown is brewed with Guatemala Antigua cold-brewed coffee and cocoa nibs so it’s an almost guaranteed eye-opener.

According to The Drinks Business, Starbucks flagship downtown venue will also offer three bottled beers including ‘Hiiro Seed Guava Love’, a fruity beer with a tropical pink guava aroma, brewed by Japan’s Hitachino Nest Beer.

beer, American Craft Beer’s Asia Update

Japan Hopes to Boost Beer Market With Alternative Ingredients

Japan is hoping to rejuvenate it’s shrinking domestic beer market though a new  liquor tax law that allows breweries to use a wider range of ingredients such as fruits, herbs, dried bonito and kelp.

The Japanese tax law which historically defines what a beer is through policy directives, also dropped the required content of malt from the previous 67% or more to 50% or more.

Responding to Japan’s new liberalized liquor tax law four major beer companies in Japan are releasing beers with citrus fruits, herbs and blackcurrants, and one company called Yo-Ho Brewing Co is releasing a beer made using dried bonito according to the Jiji Press.

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