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The weekend has finally here…and you’re beyond ready for some fun. Well good, because there’s lots going on. From the nation’s coolest beer events, to movies, music and cutting edge TV – we’ve got your back big-time.  Plus we’ve another weekend beer suggestion for you, because we know you’ll be drinking.

Mile High Collaboration (Denver, CO) – The 4th annual Collaboration Fest returns to the National Western Complex his Saturday March 25st and it’s going to be absolutely insane!  Considered by many to be one of the nation’s most creative outings, this year’s festival will feature more than 75 collaborative beer projects with  more than 100 breweries involve, For a complete listing of who’s doing what (and with whom) check out: Collaboration Fest 2017

LifeOn The Big Screen – This weekend’s new movie openings are derivative at best but at least one of them might be scary. The monster on the space station premise in Life sounds like an Alien-lite rip-off with a less distinguished cast. And whoever decided that remaking CHIPS, (a lightweight 1970’s police television series) was a good or even profitable idea, deserves to be shot.

Cask Force (Seattle, WA) – The Washington Brewers Guild produces two major beer festivals each year… Winter Beer Fest (which we never miss) and the Cask Beer Festival which returns to the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall this Saturday. An unabashed celebration of traditional cask-conditioned ales this weekend’s two-session beerganza will showcase a vast selection handcrafted cask-conditioned beers from over 40 Washington State’s most cutting-edge breweries.

Streaming – Netflix recently debuted Iron Fist, the latest addition to their small screen Marvel Comics universe which already includes a blind vigilante (Daredevil), an alcoholic urban punk detective (Jessica Jones) and a hero from the hood (Luke Cage). Finn Jones stars as Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist) in this one, a martial arts expert with the ability to call upon the power of the Iron Fist (whatever that is). Netflix has done an admirable job with these lesser-known superheroes, so we’re hopeful – and the fact that they’re all actually filmed in NYC (rather than in Toronto masquerading as the Big Apple) helps tremendously.


THE ACB WEEKEND BEER PICKThe-Australian-Brewery-New-World-Pilsner_grande

With the weather warming up significantly this weekend we’ll be hitting up something new from Australian Brewery a craft operation from Sydney that recently opened up distribution in the states. Australian New World Pilsner is a profoundly balanced 4.8% ABV German-style Pils with a peppery bitterness that’s smartly tethered to a solid malt backbone.


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