The American Craft Beer 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays nearing, we’ve begun showcasing some of this season’s more interesting craft beer gift ideas. And this year we’ve so many suggestions that we’ll be running this series almost daily. So stay tuned in for the best craft gift ideas of the season!

Artisan Beer Glassware

Acclaimed world-wide for their artisan glassware, Spiegelau  has been working with glass since 1521. And they currently offer differing sets of glasses specifically designed for the craft beer that any beer lover would die to own.

Working with craft beer experts Spiegelau has developed five different beer glass types over the years that support the distinct characteristics of specific beer styles.

In 2013 they introduced, their IPA glass, developed Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada. And In 2014, their stout glass, a collaborative effort they worked up with Left Hand Brewing and Rogue Ales).

With the help of Bell’s Brewery, Spiegelau debuted a special Witbier glass in 2015 and a glass that enhances the barrel-aged beer experience in 2016.

And they turned to renowned Austrian brewery Trumer Privatbrauerei in 2017 to develop a glass that’s perfect for the finely crafted pilsner.

All of these glasses feature uber-thin rims that heightens the beer’s taste and mouthfeel, plus they are all incredibly light in hand. And each glass is elegantly designed to explode the beer’s aromatics.

Offered in both separate style-sets and as specially designed Craft Beer Tasting Kits, glassware from Spiegelau melds old-world instincts and modern design. And they’re guaranteed to enhance the drinking experience for that beer-lover on your list!

A Designer Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are an essential beer tool and the right one in hand is important.

And just as with the lighters that some smokers become fond of, (or certain drug paraphernalia if that’s your thing), a serious beer lover can become personally attached to just the right opener.

Now YETI, the celebrated Texas-based manufacturer of outdoor lifestyle products, has introduced a limited edition designer bottle opener that, we have to admit, is pretty damned impressive.  

Built to deliver a powerful  ¾ lb. of cap-popping pull (because as they amusingly explain, 1 lb. of pound of power would be overkill) YETI Brick Bottle Opener is a classic cast stainless steel testament to “having just the right tool,” that’s as solid as it is artful.

Winter Seasonal Beer Bucket

It was only a matter of time before the gourmet gift basket industry tapped into craft beer and started building artisan gifts targeted at its millions of fans. And a perfect example of just how smart these gourmet food and brew collections have become is the Winter Seasonal Beer Bucket.

Designed by, a family-run company based up in New Hampshire, the seasonal beer bucket is just one of the many offerings which feature interesting beers from a well-chosen selection New England-based craft breweries.

Okay we’re not talking beers from The Alchemist or Hill Farmstead here, but a Winter Shredder from Cisco Brewers and Hibernator from Long Trail are both appropriate to the season and fun drinking.

And in addition to the beer their winter gift bucket includes locally crafted Bavarian-style sausage, artisan cheeses and peppered flatbread crackers. Also included this year is a bottle of Von Trapp Brewing’s Trösten, a special edition smoked Black Lager that’s killer!

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