Amazing Beer Factoids Guaranteed To Make You A Barroom Genius

drunk-student-crossing-symbol-sign-k2-0577Make new friends and impress the random, with these astounding beer factoids that are sure to rock their world – like the fact that 50 million people are drunk right now!

50 Million People Are Drunk Right Now – Okay we get that that “an estimated 0.7 percent of the world’s population is drunk at any given time,” which comes to us via the Arizona Daily Wildcat, but it’s a guaranteed barroom conversation starter that should never be forgotten.

The Great London Beer Flood – In 1814, an enormous wave of beer flooded London after a huge brewing vat ruptured, sending 388,000 gallons of beer gushing through the streets of a poor Tottenham Court neighborhood. What eventually became known as the Great London Beer Flood, destroyed two homes and ended up killing a mother and daughter who were taking tea.

Kissing Cousins – We like this one – please don’t make us explain why we find it interesting that beer hops come from the same family of flowering plants as marijuana.

Light Is A Beer Killer – You probably know, but it bears repeating (ideally to anyone sucked in by your newly discovered beer expertise), that light is beer’s enemy and a Egyptians on beer“great destroyer” of beer. It’s not about temperature…it’s about exposure. When hops are exposed to light’s rays they send off free radicals and that’s what leads to that skunky taste you put up with in college. You think all those green and brown tinted beer bottle are just for show? You think craft beer’s progression to cans is only to save money?  Think again.

One Of The “Seven Wonders Of The World” Was Built On Beer – Ancient Egyptians who built the Great Pyramids were paid with one gallon of beer daily. And the fact that the pyramids are the only one of the “wonders of the world” still in existence is, according to the Smithsonian’s Patrick McGovern, ample testimony that beer fueled civilization.

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