AB InBev’s Non-Alcohol Beer Byproducts Become Biofuel

beer, AB InBev’s Non-Alcohol Beer Byproducts Become Biofuel

With the demand for low/no alcohol beer on the rise, AB InBev’s European headquarters has struck a deal with a biofuel plant in Belgium in order to convert leftover alcohol from the brewing process into fuel.

Low and no alcohol beers production has increased significantly in Europe.

And while buzz-free beers make up only 5% of beer volume sold worldwide, the category has grown at 3.9% on average for the past 5 years compared with 0.2% for traditional beer.

beer, AB InBev’s Non-Alcohol Beer Byproducts Become BiofuelAnd it’s interesting to note that most non-alcoholic beers are actually beers brewed in a traditional manner, that then go through an additional alcohol removal process that retains the beers original character, just not its buzz.

So as the low/no alcohol beer sector grows, so does huge quantities of alcohol waste the AB InBev is now putting to good use according to the Drinks Business

“Each week the brewer transports 75,000 liters of alcohol from the creation of its range of no ABV beers including Leffe Blond 0.0%, Hoegaarden 0.0% and Jupiler 0.0% – enough to fill three tanker trucks – from its European headquarters in Leuven to Alcogroup, a Belgian biofuel producer and one of the largest plants of its kind on the continent.”

According to the brewer alcohol from 85 cans of beer is enough to generate 1 liter of fuel and 100 liters of residual alcohol, generates 18 liters of biofuel.

We can get snarky about the big beer conglomerates here at American Craft Beer. So it’s only fair that we applaud companies like Anheuser-Busch when they adopt sustainability strategies that could make for a better world….

And on the ‘fuel front’ the world’s largest brewer is already doing some really progressive things…

beer, AB InBev’s Non-Alcohol Beer Byproducts Become Biofuel

Last May Anheuser-Busch USA announced that it had placed an order with Nikola Motor Company, a leader in hydrogen-electric renewable technology, for up to 800 hydrogen-electric powered semi-trucks, as part of the company’s plans to convert its entire dedicated fleet truck fleet to renewable power by 2025.

Powered by Nikola’s cutting-edge technology, Anheuser-Busch’s conversion to a zero-emission trucking fleet will achieve this milestone across its long-haul loads, while also helping to improve road safety.

Not bad for a company that has already reduced its total energy use in US breweries by more than 30%.

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