A Beer A Day Keeps The Weight Away

, A Beer A Day Keeps The Weight Away

According to a recent study moderate beer consumption is NOT associated with weight gain. We’ll drink to that!

Here’s the deal….

As so many of us know, giving up alcohol is one of the more difficult aspects of any serious dieting plan, and it can be a deal-breaker.

But it turns out you can actually have a beer when you’re dieting and still lose that extra weight, according to a recent study.

Researchers in Spain reviewed 13 years of studies that analyzed the health effects of drinking beer and came up with an interesting finding that affords some solace for those of us trying to drop a little weight without going completely cold-turkey.

, A Beer A Day Keeps The Weight AwayIn the study, which was published in the international, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients, nutrition and food science researchers examined alcohol-related studies from 2007 to 2020 and in addition to discovering four significant health benefits related to drinking beer, they also determined just how much beer dieters can consume, and still lose those unwanted pounds.

Although some of the studies reviewed by the researches painted a pretty direct correlation between weight gain and waist circumference in men, one study, found that drinking a beer a day did not increase the body weight of obese individuals and that’s the study we’re running with.

According to that study the amount of beer that can be consumed daily is limited 17 ounces, which is basically a 16oz can and a couple of sips of your buddy’s  beer as well, but that’s not unreasonable…no?

Of course drinking more than that (which may be why you’re considering a diet to begin with) will ultimately defeat you purposes.

The authors of the review also pointed out that drinking a beer a day is not the same as drinking seven beers at one time, according to Insider. “ In other words, you can’t save all of your drinking for the weekend and call it moderate.”


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