5 Remarkable Things You Can Do With Leftover Beer

, 5 Remarkable Things You Can Do With Leftover BeerBeer’s a pretty amazing concoction. In addition to it being endlessly enjoyable to drink, its uses beyond the glass are seemingly endless. Beer’s so much more than just a mood enhancing good time – it’s also a lifestyle essential!

Who knew that beer was not only an indispensable beauty aid but also a vital household tool? Or that you need beer in your tool box as well as in your bath?

In fact Yahoo has compiled a list of interesting things that beer can be used for and here are some of our favorites…

Beer Shampoo Your Hair – Next time you run out of your favorite shampoo there’s no need to make that unplanned pharmacy run in your bathrobe. Because beer mixed with distilled water, scented oil and voila will do the trick – and leave your hair shiny, hydrated and healthy. Yep, hoppier hair is definitely happier hair.

Annihilate Backyard Pests – Looks like we’re not the only ones that enjoy a good beer in the yard from time to time. Outdoor pests, things like insects and slugs, can’t resist beer in the yard either. All you have to do is leave a bowl of beer in your backyard overnight and those unwanted yard dwellers will drink it away. And then in the morning birds will have their way with the besotted critters. Hey it’s kinda like beer’s “circle of life.”

Make Your Pots And Pans Look As Good As New – We’ve all spent many an evening polishing off beer back in the day. But who would believe that beer is one of the most effective ways to clean and renew our copper pots and pans? Just soak your old pots in beer overnight (Sours are super effective) and they’ll look as good as new in the morning!

Take A Relaxing Beer Bubble Bath – Mix you favorite beer (we’re currently recommending Heady Topper) with any olive-oil based soap, light the candles, crank up the Spotify and hop in. And we suggest that you spend at least an hour (or two) beer bathing, because the longer you soak the softer and smoother you skin becomes, and the better your attitude.

Unfreeze The Most Difficult Rusty Bolts – Beer’s a super effective answer to all kinds of corrosion problems and can help you break free even the most difficult rusted bolts. Just pour some beer on the problem (we find high ABV Beers the most effective) and let them soak overnight – and they’ll unscrew easily in the morning.

Beer…Is there anything it can’t do?

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