Easter Brunch Craft Beer Pairings That Don’t Suck

beer, Easter Brunch Craft Beer Pairings That Don’t Suck

Easter is this Sunday…And for many that means that rare pilgrimage to church, chocolate bunnies that you’ll never eat, and a tedious three-hour Easter brunch with relatives you barely know…And you’re gonna need just the right beers, to help get you through that.

Historically Easter brunch marks the end of Lent. It’s also a time when many reacquaint themselves with the beers, fatty foods and sweets that they’ve given up for the last 40 days. And pacing oneself at Easter brunch (along with the perfect craft beer pairing), is key!

The Deviled Eggs Appetizer

The best thing about Easter brunch may be the Deviled Egg, and the perfect beer to cut through this creamy yolk mixture is an aromatic IPA, and the hoppier the better.

We suggest that you start light (Easter brunch can take hours) and open things with the Session IPA that started it all, Founders All Day IPA.

beer, Easter Brunch Craft Beer Pairings That Don’t Suck

The Scalloped Potatoes Side Dish

There are very few foods on the planet that make you want to shout “Hallelujah!” more than a plate piled high with mountains of cheddar cheese slathered scalloped potatoes.

Consider  pairing this formidable artery-clogging classic with an equally aggressive legend like Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Black IPA which has just returned for a limited Easter Holiday run.

The Ham Main Dish

Easter is never complete without a ham, (try not to get piggy), and we recommend the right Saison at this stage.

Allagash Saison offers a great interpretation of the Belgian Farmhouse tradition…plus it’s light (6.1% ABV), bright, and drinkable.

The Lamb Main Dish

There’s hardly a better way to commemorate the resurrection of the “Lamb of God”, than by chowing down on dead lamb.

beer, Easter Brunch Craft Beer Pairings That Don’t SuckAnd you can complement the lamb’s rich rustic flavor, with a robust Rauchbier, something like Alaska Brewing’s brilliant 6.5% ABV Smoked Porter.

The Chocolate Bunny Dessert

Easter candy is different beast altogether that demands special pairing attention and for that reason alone we suggest that you rich dark ales at this stage.

Imperial Stouts can be “pairing genius” when you’re attacking a huge nougat-filled chocolate bunny. And although there are several hefty stouts that go well with a whole range of Easter confections, we promise that North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout will finish things off nicely.

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