4 Post-Quarantine Alcohol Trend Predictions

, 4 Post-Quarantine Alcohol Trend PredictionsAfter 9/11 a “shoe-bomber” unsuccessfully tried to destroy a flight he was on by detonating explosives hidden in his shoes and we’ve been taking off our shoes at airports ever since…

Which brings us to alcohol trends that will continue, the result of months spent sheltering in place.

BevAlc Insights, a data and insight arm of alcohol ecommerce leader Drizly recently speculated on what drinking behaviors it expects to stick around long after this whole COVID-19 mess disappears.

And while not rocket science its predictions, all based on Drizly sales data, are worth noting as businesses adjust to the “new normal.”

Hard Seltzer is here to Stay

Although we were early doubters it seem that, like them or not, hard seltzers are here to stay.

Called Flavored Malt Beverages, FMBs in the biz, hard seltzers now represent the biggest new beverage trend since the introduction of Miller Lite in 1973 which led to the growth of the mainstream light beer segment.

This from BevAlc…

“In 2019, hard seltzers took over the beer/seltzer/cider category, first accounting for a majority of sales in the category on July 4 and maintaining that top spot ever since. Throughout the beginning of 2020, hard seltzer has continued to grow in popularity, accounting for 18.71 percent of the beer/seltzer/cider category on Drizly’s platform in the first five months of the year.”

“Considering that hard seltzer held just 4.75 percent of beer/seltzer/cider sales share in 2018, early 2020 sales indicate a remarkable jump — and summer has barely started. With another boom predicted for the summer months, it’s clear that this sub-category is here to stay.”

, 4 Post-Quarantine Alcohol Trend PredictionsCans Will Take Over Shelf Space

We’ve reported in depth on why brewers in particular are transitioning from bottes to cans. And BevAlc sees that migration continuing post-quarantine…

“Cans have the advantage of two macro consumer trends: Convenience and discovery. Cans are lighter, more durable, and easier to transport, and are allowed in more places compared to glass bottles.”

“They also allow for greater discovery and tasting, providing consumers with the ability to experiment with new brands or styles without committing to the quantity and price of a standard format beverage.”

Healthy Beverages Will Continue Their Ascent

While you may have questions about what some people might consider ‘healthier’ beverages (are hard seltzers really healthier than beer?), BevAlc predicts that consumers will continue searching out beverages that fit their evolving lifestyle…

“Consumers, especially millennials and Gen Zs aged 21 and over, are giving more thought to what they’re putting into their bodies. For some, that means being more aware of which alcohol products they consume.”

In the second half of 2020, Drizly expects to see the demand for lower alcohol beers, wines and spirits, as well as CBD-infused beverage, to grow.

, 4 Post-Quarantine Alcohol Trend PredictionsOnline Alcohol Sales Will Continue to Boom

Of course Drizly’s insight arm is going to make this prediction, they’re in the ecommerce biz. But that doesn’t mean that BevAlc is wrong…

“Even as stay-home mandates are lifted, consumers will continue to reach for online alcohol sales options due to an increased awareness of the convenience and choice that e-commerce offers.”

“Before Covid-19 accelerated the shift to ecommerce, Drizly already predicted that 10 percent of all alcohol sales would be happening online in five years.”

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