3 Big Things To Savor At Savor 2019

SAVOR, 3 Big Things To Savor At Savor 2019

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SAVOR returns to Washington, DC this week (May 17). And if you care about serious craft beer and artisan food, it’s mind-blowing experience.

One of three important craft beer gatherings presented annually by the Brewer’s Association, who also sponsor the Craft Brewers Conference as well as the Great American Beer Festival, SAVOR is all about the harmony that can come when serious beer is paired with striking cuisine in a magnificent setting.

If you’ve ever attended a SAVOR-then you already know what a special evening it is. And if this is your first time…get ready to have your world rocked!

The Washington Post has called SAVOR “the gold standard of beer festivals in Washington, and one of the most important beer festivals in America,” and they are right on both counts…

And here’s some things that you’ll savor at SAVOR…

The Concept

Imagine the finest craft beer dinner that you’ve ever attended in a magnificent setting (Washington, DC’s incredible Building Museum).

Then multiply that experience by 92 of the nation’s most exciting small and independent craft breweries and 203 beers, each one of them thoughtfully paired with a small plate delicacy curated to dazzle.

The Scale

SAVOR, 3 Big Things To Savor At Savor 2019Even though SAVOR will no doubt be the largest craft beer and food experience that you’ve ever experienced, it remains an amazingly intimate gathering, especially when compared to mega beer events like Denver’s Great American Beer Festival.

And that wasn’t an accident…

The Brewers Association deliberately limits things to 2000 tickets to ensure a vibrant and unhurried experience. At SAVOR you never have to wait in long lines or fight your way through crowds.

This one-of-a-kind evening is called SAVOR for a reason. And the Brewers Association has worked tirelessly to make sure that no one ever feels rushed and that everyone has the time to really enjoy the food, the beer and the experience.

The Access

Another thing that makes SAVOR so completely unique is its grand, yet intimate, scale. It’s an evening designed to be relaxing. Where you can talk beer with some of the industry’s biggest names in a casual yet sophisticated setting and never feel rushed.

Without the demands of having to deal with endless crowds and the long lines that plague so many major beer gatherings, the brewers at SAVOR just seem so much more engaged. They’ve the time to answer all your questions…to be part of the evening with you.

Many of our brewing friends have told us that it’s their favorite event of the year – and we can understand why…

SAVOR remains a spectacular evening of serious food and drink…And it couldn’t be more perfectly named.

All Photos © Brewers Association

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