3 Beers That Starred In Big Hollywood Films

, 3 Beers That Starred In Big Hollywood Films

Can TV or movies influence a beer’s sales?

You think Coors Banquet’s recent exposure on the popular TV series Yellowstone was an accident? Even a brief appearance of the right beer in the right movie can up its pop-cultural cred and increase its sales.

In a study of more than 2,000 films made over a twenty-year period, the most frequently seen brands were Budweiser, Miller and Heineken. Craft beer brands have enjoyed less exposure.

And here are three beers that had their own starring roles in some very big Hollywood films over the decades….

Heineken and James Bond

Actor Daniel Craig has played James Bond in the popular film franchise since 2006. And around the release of Skyfall in 2012 he actively appeared in character switching out his signature martini for a Heineken. The Dutch brewers reportedly paid $45 million for the product placement.

, 3 Beers That Starred In Big Hollywood Films

(Courtesy Heineken and Eon Productions)

“Everyone is free to have an opinion, but the fact is that Bond is a drinker,” said Hans Erik Tuijt, director of Heineken’s global sponsorship. The literary character has been known to order the occasional beer in Ian Fleming’s famous series, typically favoring pale lagers including, Miller High Life and Red Stripe. “

Skyfall was the first time that Bond had a Heineken on screen. That year, the brewers’ sales volumes increased by 5.3% and like-for-like volumes went up by 3.7% in Western Europe.

Budweiser and the Top Gun Series

When  Tom Cruise debuted as the rebellious fighter pilot in 1986 he was more times than not seen drinking a Bud in its numerous bar scenes. And according to the Drinks Business “that product placement was worth $2.6 million during its theatrical run.”

, 3 Beers That Starred In Big Hollywood Films

(Courtesy Paramount Pictures)

One of the biggest movies of 2022 Top Gun: Maverick features “the Budweiser brand for around two and a half minutes of screen time in the form of bottles, beer taps, cups and boxes.”

Red Stripe and The Firm

Having made many Hollywood film appearances over the years, Red Stripe was the second pale lager to be promoted on screen by Tom Cruise. In 1993, The Firm showcased an entire refrigerator full of the iconic Jamaican brown bottles.

BusinessWeek reported that within a month of the film’s release, Red Stripe sales in the US increased by more than 50%. Only a few weeks later, the company sold a majority stake in the brewery for $62 million to Guinness Brewing Worldwide. Guinness later became part of Diageo, a global leader in premium alcoholic beverages. Since then, international distribution of this famous Jamaican-brewed beer has grown significantly.


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