22 Craft Beer Names That Made Us Laugh

, 22 Craft Beer Names That Made Us Laugh

In today’s increasingly competitive craft beer market, a beer’s name can be an important attention-grabber…and if they can make us laugh even better!

This first batch of beer names was judged to be the most creative at the 2019 US Beer Open Championship which recently wrapped up in Ohio…It’s the only major beer competition that we know of, that actually judges beer names.

And the fact that they do speaks to a beer name’s importance and marketing value…


, 22 Craft Beer Names That Made Us Laugh

Great Raft This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Top 10 Most Creative Beer Names At The US Open Beer Championship

  1. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things – Great Raft Brewing – Louisiana
  2. Hazed & Infused Pale Ale – Boulder Beer Company – Colorado
  3. Knot Another Dumb Blond Ale – Redbone Magic Brewing – Texas
  4. Mother Fuggleb Imperial Brown Ale – Eudora Brewing – Ohio
  5. Weirdo with a Beardo Scotch Ale – Big T Brew Pub – Michigan
  6. Driving Miss Hazy Ale – Gilgamesh Brewing – Oregon
  7. My Dad Barleywine – Atlanta Brewing – Georgia
  8. Pit happens Berliner Weiss – Kros Strain Brewing – Nebraska
  9. Light My Friar – American Icon Brewery – Florida
  10.  Peach Love & Happiness– SweetWater Brewing Company – Georgia
  11. Mass Whole Lager – Wormtown Brewery – Massachusetts


In 2018 Benjy Egel at the Sacramento Bee picked several Sacramento-area beers with clever names and a number of those made us laugh as well…


  • , 22 Craft Beer Names That Made Us LaughThese Boots Were Made For Hoppin – Loomis Basin Brewing
  • Rye2D2 – Sactown Union Brewery
  • Sir Veza –  Old Hangtown Beer Works (brilliant name foe a Mexican Lager)
  • Zwickel Me Timbers – New Glory Craft Brewery
  • What She Says Gose -Oak Park Brewing (a favorite)
  • Pro-Zach – Bike Dog Brewing (in remembrance of a local bike shop owner who dies of cancer)
  • Lemur Alone – Yolo Brewing (benefits the Sacramento Zoo)
  • Galaxy Far, Far A Haze – Ol’ Republic Brewery (released around the recent Star Wars Movie)
  • Whitney Brewston – Fort Rock Brewing
  • I Wanna Dance Wit Somebody – Fort Rock Brewing (a Wit Bier)
  • We Are Brut – Mraz Brewing (Inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy)

And some of these made us laugh too….

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